Devising Hypothesis

Exercise 10.2 For each phenomena, devise a hypothesis to explain it and derive a test implication to test the hypothesis.

1. In a recent study of scientific literacy, women performed better than men in understanding the scientific process and in answering the questions about basic scientific facts & concepts.

2. The rates of automobile crashes are higher among teenage boys than any other age group.

3. For months after the tragedy of September 11, there were no major terrorist attacks in the U.S.

4. Many people who take B vitamins for their headaches report a lower incident of headaches.

5.Recent research confirms a link between diets high in saturated fat & a higher risk of coronary artery disease.

Exercise 10.3 Devise a competing theory for each of the following & then apply the criteria of adequacy to both of them – that is how well each theory does in relation to its competitor on the criteria of testability, fruitfulness, scope, simplicity & conservatism.  

1. Phenomenon: People report feeling less pain after trying acupuncture. Theory: Treatment with acupuncture needles can alleviate pain.

2. Phenomenon: The psychic was able to recount a number of personal details about a recently deceased person he never met. Theory: Physic ability

3. Phenomenon: Over the past year, two terminally ill cancer patients in Broderick Hospital were found to be cancer free. Theory: Treatment with new type of chemotherapy.

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