Identify a specific example of this kind of identity/meaning-making and subject it to a rhetorical analysis

we’ve been discussing the concept of semiotics as found in entertainment and consumer culture, though if we look closely, we’ll find that it’s present just about everywhere in modern society. identify a specific example of this kind of identity/meaning-making and subject it to a rhetorical analysis. IDENTIFY YOUR TOPIC You are free to explore some of the topics that we’ve discussed in class, but I encourage you to look closely at your own lives to find examples that are varied and wide ranging. You can choose anything, really — videos, advertising campaigns, music, photographs, live events, fashion, etc. Semiotics is always lurking. Take some time. Find a good one. BEGIN RHETORICAL ANALYSIS After you’ve identified your topic, you will more formally analyze it. This is your opportunity to begin forming an argument for your paper. What is it about this topic/text that moves you, and what argument would you like to communicate to others? Below are some questions you might want to consider when thinking about what argument you’d like to make: What is the primary function of your topic/text? Is it used to sell something, express an idea or opinion, create a personal or brand identity, actively change our society? How does your topic go about this/these tasks? How successful are they? Where in the topic can we see semiotics at work? How are things in your topic creating or expressing identity and meaning without overtly doing so? DEVELOP THESIS STATEMENT Next, you’ll need to come up with a thesis, or main argument, for what you’d like to say about your topic, given the analysis you’ve been working on.

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