Discussion-The power of thinking consciously about your writing

For this discussion, consciously practice the argumentative, analytical body paragraph structure discussed in the course and which we are using in essays in this class. Part of writing well is learning to write consciously, with awareness of sentence purpose. Often, instinctive writing is written for ourselves, not with our readers (our audience) in mind. So, we have to learn to think about and to consider both structure and content as we write — and revise. Consider the resources you read and watched this week. Choose two of these and use them to explain the power of thinking consciously about your writing, the benefits of breaking writing down into manageable steps, or the best way to understand revision. We will treat your initial post as a body paragraph (you could assume this paragraph would be part of a larger essay, even though it’s not). You must use the structure below listed in the Body Paragraph Elements list, and LABEL each sentence as you write it (don’t merely number the sentences). Body Paragraph Elements: Topic Sentence: Use this sentence to both identify your main point in response to one of the topics above (topics are both underlined and in green print above). Claim 1: This first claim in your paragraph will state your first main idea in response to the overall topic. This claim should relate in some way to your topic sentence. Evidence 1: Choose a quotation from one of the resources(the essay or either or the two assigned TEDx Talks) that supports your first claim. Explanation 1: Explain your point about the evidence above to your readers. Transition: Try to include a sentence that connects to your next claim. Claim 2: This second claim or point in your paragraph should continue your discussion. Evidence 2: Choose a different quotation from one the resources that supports your second claim. Explanation 2: Explain your point about the evidence above to your readers. Concluding Sentence: End your paragraph by making a point about the larger significance of the topic or or how it relates to writing successfully more generally. Note: Most beginning writers find it easier, at first, to treat each of these body paragraph elements as ONE sentence. However, you might need two sentences, for example, to explain a particularly weighty piece of evidence. If you spend more than three sentences on any one element, though, you’re probably being repetitive or off-topic. Importantly, both the initial post for this discussion should be written (no videos are allowed for this post). Your goals are both to practice the writing structure above and to discuss the esources. *****Week 5: Resources is attached, also Make sure you read the Week 5 Discussion Primary Post Examples attached in the week 5 resources document so when writing the Discussion Board that format is followed****

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