Identify and Explain what Criminal Justice Model the Country Uses

INSTRUCTIONS: In the paper, you address the following questions with regards to the one country you are assigned to explore for your paper: you have to (1) identify and explain what criminal justice model the country uses, including what law family it belongs to and what type of criminal procedure it uses, (2) describe the similarities and differences between this country’s criminal justice system and that of the USA, (3) evaluate its strengths and weaknesses with regards to all the following: law enforcement, criminal procedure, courts, sentencing and corrections, (4) discuss how it could be improved, and (5) argue how it could inform improvement of criminal justice systems elsewhere. The answers to these different questions have to be supported by peer-reviewed scientific journal articles. The references need to be included in the full reference list and have to be accurately cited in the text as well! You need to demonstrate where in your text you use them, if not they will not count towards the paper requirements, even if you include them in the full reference list. o OBJECTIVE: This paper allows you to demonstrate that you understand and are able to critically discuss the criminal justice system in a country other than the USA and the six model nations discussed in the textbook, compare it with other criminal justice systems, and assess its strengths and weaknesses in relation to law enforcement, criminal procedure, courts, sentencing and corrections. In order to do so, you need to make use of scientific literature. o Throughout the course, in the weekly announcements, I will include specific questions to help you collect information on the country you will be assigned.

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