The Federalists Papers

The Federalist Papers – Lectures 4 & 5( In order to access the required videos, Hillsdale College will ask you to create an account and “enroll” in the course. Access to this resource is totally free and does not require providing any financial information. The purpose of this assignment is to provide structure and accountability for the information presented in each of the videos assigned this week. Please review the instructions below for successful completion of this assignment. ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS: VIEW each of the videos in their entirety. While watching each video, CREATE a DETAILED outline of the content contained in the video(s). For suggestions on creating outlines, please view the following resources: Creating an Outline in Microsoft Word 2019 Perdue Online Writing Lab – Developing an Outline Outline Components( How to Outline( Types of Outlines – Full Sentence Outlines ( Outline the information presented in the video in the format that is most comfortable and beneficial for you. While you are not required to follow a specific outlining format, you are required to include detailed information. In other words, include as much information as possible – not just one or two-word bullet points.

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