Research Proposal

An empirical research proposal on how empathy training in white American male children can be used to reduce implicit bias, racism and discrimination in their adulthood using quantitative or mixed methods, including: Title Page, Abstract, Introduction, Rationale for Present Study, Hypothesis, Instrumentation, Participant Pool, Instruments, Materials, Procedures, Research Design, and References (please note that you may likely have additional headings and subheadings based on how you choose to organize this paper). This research proposal is meant to articulate the logical need for the research study you would be proposing if conducting research. The paper is to introduce and define your selected topic using a graduate-level research argument structure. While this paper will include, in part, a synthesis of previous research on this topic, this assignment is not a list of research article summaries, one after another. Qualitative studies, theory papers, or position papers are not acceptable submissions for this assignment. • Minimum of 8 pages text, typed, double-spaced. Your title page, abstract, and references do not count toward this page limit. APA format, correct spelling and grammar, professional terms, flows well, includes all APA proposal elements. Minimum of 10 peer-reviewed journal article references, demonstrates a call for further research.

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