Evidence Based Research Practice in Nursing

The incidence of medical facility got pressure ulcers have tremendous repercussions on our health care system. It just takes 2 hours for a pressure ulcer to begin and might not be visible by evaluation up until day 3. As soon as a pressure abscess is established to be medical facility gotten, Medicare/Medicaid will not pay for the patients stay. This can cause as much as 48,000 dollars of economic deficit to the healthcare facility per patient (Teague, 2018). Per CMS medical facility obtained stress ulcers are avoidable via easily used treatment (Teague, 2018).

Most of my occupation has been spent in different emergency departments consisting of high acuity, hectic, trauma, stroke centers, and transplant focused ERs. As a result of the nature of emergency situation medication, pressure abscess are the least issue for personnel. After looking into the adverse implications of health center acquired pressure ulcers, it occurred to me that the majority of these events might be attributed to care gotten in the emergency division. For instance, stretchers are slim that make turning individuals challenging. The cushions on cots are difficult which advertise skin breakdown. From individual experience, some admitted individuals are held in the Emergency Room for over 24-hour. Patients are kept NPO till all outcomes and procedures are completed. When, the outcomes are back the patient may be offered a sandwich or juice which does not promote muscle growth. The people that are at threat for skin break down have a tendency to be elderly which have high healthy protein requires. The continuous circulation of individuals lowers the opportunity of staff members transforming the patients every 2 hrs, or doing a complete skin assessment. Furthermore, flexibility is not promoted in the Emergency Room setup as a result of the person’s medical problem and lack of assistive tools.

In addition to the unfavorable monetary implications brought on by HAPU, the person goes to danger for several health and wellness effects. The person may experience boosted pain and also psychological struggling with a HAPU (Teague, 2018). More wellness effects include possible infection exposure, longer hospital stays, and fatality. Roughly 60,000 patients pass away every year from HAPU issues (Titler et al.,, 2019). Evidence based practice concentrates on treatments that protect against skin breakdown. I want to concentrate on very early prevention that is initiated in the Emergency department.


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Manuel Ariel Garcia Periu

Clostridium Difficile Infections in Hospitalized Patients

A research topic that draws my attention is the Clostridium difficile infections, since they are a leading cause of hospital-acquired infectious diarrhea that is highly prevalent in the developed nations. According to Abrahamian et al. (2017), the infections associated with C. difficile lead to an increased hospital stay for the patients, which is an unwanted development for a healthcare professional. The condition is transmitted through the fecal-oral channel, but the airborne way is possible, too. The alteration of glut flora gives C. difficile the opportunity to proliferate and thus, to escalate infections. Soap and water are considered more effective measures for dealing with C. difficile spores, than the alcohol-based sanitizers (Curcio et al., 2019). The washing of hands when taking care of the patients and holding the hospital specimens helps to reduce the risks of environmental contamination, as well as reducing the airborne spread. In the recent years, the prevalence of infection with C. difficile has dropped, alongside the decline in mortality. However, Clostridium Difficile infections remains a major problem for the patients admitted to the hospitals, and I wish to contribute to solving this issue.

The quantitative method will be used in the research because it helps to gather evidence on the prevalence of Clostridium Difficile infections in hospitalized patients. Also, it will allow to evaluate the percentage of adherence to official hand washing procedures by hospital care personnel to determine whether any correlation does exist.


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