Goldman Sachs has dug the country and grew into a big sophisticated engine that has damaged the country. It has taken advantage of how the economic systems work, money and the clients as a whole hence gain more success monetarily. Goldman Sachs has positioned itself in the selling of investments that they are aware are crap. They have hoovered huge sums from the society’s lower and middle floors with the support a state that is corrupt and crippled that has allowed rewriting the rules in exchange for the monies that they throw at political support. Goldman Sachs has attempted to manipulate the stock market and abuse accounting regulations causing great financial depression in the country. Goldman has been accused of committing securities fraud in 2010 after selling mortgage- related securities to investors without informing them that the vehicle had been designed related to fund manager John Paulson but not in relation to Hank Paulson. The Goldman product fell in value and caused Paulson to make huge money while the institutional customers made a loss of more than $1 billion. Goldman has also allowed its employees to go beyond illegal stock tips major investors. Goldman Sachs has also paid $550 million to exchange and security commission for taking part in putting together Abacus. This deal resulted to loses being incurred by the investors. This has indicated that Goldman has continued with faulty mortgages that have been related to bank dealings. After leaving many ordinary citizens starving and broke, they have begun the entire process by pretending to ride in to rescue through lending them their own money at interest. This has sold them above greed as they try to keep their wheel greased. They have become experts in furthering their interest through government connections that have been created through generous contribution campaigns. Goldman Sachs is everywhere and has left America in crisis sucking money from all sources.

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