End of Life Care

Nurses have in the past few years supported families and patients to undergo the end of life process. This has included the control of symptoms and management of pain. Nurses have reflected their professional practices and ensure that the patients and family members have received high quality end of life care (Teno et al., 2013). Fundamental knowledge and specialized training have been the basic skills for end of life care. Ideally the need to prepare and educate the healthcare professionals has been essential in handling the life limiting diseases. This has been supported by advanced training and technology advancements in the provision of care.

Human beings have rights focused on values such as parity, worthiness, esteem and autonomy. Human beings are entitled to rights that are centered on principles of, respect, parity and self-sufficiency. An individual that requires individualized kind of care is also eligible to the fundamental rights accorded to other human beings and therefore requires reverence and pride. Decker Lee and Morphet (2015) indicate that there are three proposed interventions that include: expert tutelage and training to the emergency department nurses, provision of a designated area for the patients that allows for the facilitation of a good death and lastly reducing the workload of staff that are assigned the duty of providing individualized care to the patients. Another proposal is the designation of a care provider in the emergency unit whose main obligation would be provision of care to the point that death is imminent.

The attempts of easing pain and dignity of an individual are the primary objectives of the end of life care compared to the rigorous treatments and diagnosis administered to an individual. The end of life care has been linked to comfortable final moments for the patients and relatives as compared to painful treatments with the probability of more suffering. The value of end of life care has been measured with ease of pain, context of dignity and peaceful administration of a person during their final moments.

According to these rights, every individual that requires care is entitled to their rights of care like other human beings. The research indicates that every individual has the need for care even during the end of life. Nurses have increasingly ensured that end of life care is offered to patients with life limiting diseases. This is important in ensuring that their families as well as the patients have the pride of better care for their loved ones even at the final moments. These interventions have increasingly been improved by technological advancements and the demands for better care in the emergency units. Nurses have been trained on how to offer better end of life care in order to ensure that the patients have pride and reverence in the care given.

End of life care is essential in improving the quality of life for individuals who have had life limiting illness. Ideally, patients at the end of life stage in the non-pallative environment may fail to receive the appropriate care for their stage of illness. Relatively, patients, family members and the healthcare givers have unmet demands. End of life care will benefit patients at their life threatening situation as well as their loved ones. End of life care has been overlooked in busy medical practices. The health professions need to understand that by coordinating care, patients with life limiting disease will achieve relief of unwanted symptoms and paid and lead a good quality life during the final moments of their life. The end of life care aims at changing the state of mind of the patient and their loved ones thus being able to accept the facts of the illness as well as get into a better psychological level during the final stage of the life threating disease. The nurses and health professionals have a duty to care and offer services to make sure that the dignity of the patient is preserved as they enjoy the last few months of their lives. Many changes and technological advancements geared towards improving the end of life are available to

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