Employment relation systems of Australia, China, and Germany

Employment relation systems of Australia, China, and Germany
The current employee relations in China has somehow resembled the second industrial revolution in western countries (Wang, 2008). The common features of the employee relations in China include employee laws, collective bargaining, trade unions and work councils, employment acts and minimum wage and the labor contract system. The labor contract system has replaced the lifelong employment in china and has been considered an appropriate alternative. The trade union law has allowed trade union organization whereby 25 or more employees are allowed form an Enterprise trade union and trade union committee for individuals less the required number. Collective bargaining is not highly upheld in China. However, collective contracts and collective bargaining are legal rights for Chinese employees. Industry-level collective bargaining is not common in China since businesses lack worker representation or unions (Lansbury, Wright, Bamber, and Wailes, 2020). China employment relations have been supported by labor laws that focus on a formal employment contract and minimum wage (Cooke, 2011).

Covid-19 Effect Employment Relations

China employee relations are at a period of rapid change due to social and economic transformation. Covid-19 has resulted to crucial effects on employment in china as well as deviation in wide ranging policies and laws that protect workers (Wang and Su, 2020). Covid-19 has brought about the closure of business with great impacts on employment relations. The pandemic’s existence has affected the ability of the actors to honor the employment contracts and labor laws despite the national difference in the existence of the pandemic (Fay and Ghadimi, 2020). The emergence of unforeseen conditions within the work environment has led to adverse effects in fulfilling contractual obligations.

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