Week 8 Site visit to Verge Gallery Response

Week 8 Site visit to Verge Gallery Response

Verge gallery is one of the many contemporary art spaces in Australia. The Verge is located on the University of Sydney grounds. This paper will focus on the general art and exhibitions in Verge gallery. This paper is aimed to clear the unclear issue of verge gallery art being more contemporary than historical art to show how it promotes and respects the history of the First Nation.

Verge gallery has been an amazing and knowledgeable site for promoting and protecting the cultural heritage and preserving the history of the First Nation People worldwide. The Gallery site aims to preserve and respect the First people’s background and help preserve their culture through art. Based on this, one would expect Verge Gallery to be a more historically conformed art gallery rather than a contemporary art gallery. Although Verge Gallery site is a contemporary space of art, it is unclear that they mean to support the communities around and support and respect the historical background of the First Nations, yet the exhibitions and the art presented on the site express little of that.

Curatorial advice

Although the art presented in Verge is not historical or does not have an ancient style, the art promotes people’s engagement with the contemporary world, which is constantly changing. Therefore, there is no need to remain concrete on the history part but can appreciate the people living now by providing the best art to engage with. The art in Verge gallery has a network of related pieces that show artists’ unity in facing the same worldly problems.


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