Week 3 KPIs Are Important

Week 3 KPIs Are Important. What Are Some KPIs Measured Across Industry and Organization?

According to Ghahremani et al. (2021), KPIs are very important as they represent how an organization is performing against its strategic goals. However, it’s important to note that an organization may also measure its performance relative to other similar organizations across the industry or the entire industry measure its performance relative to other sectors. According to Al Dakheel et al. (2020), some of the key KPIs measured across the industry include. Percentage of positive social impact, Percentage of Growth in revenue relative to competitors or industries, PercentagePercentage of employee satisfaction across the sector, Percentage of the Market share, Percentage of the customer acquisition cost, Sales turnover ratio, Administration labour costs, PercentagePercentage of taxes among contributed, Growth in the industry employees, industry debt to equity ratio, overall development contribution ratio among others. KPIs measured across an organization include Sales KPIs such as the Number of New Contracts Signed Per Period and Dollar Value for New Contracts Signed Per Period. Financial KPIs include Growth in Revenue, Net Profit Margin, Gross Profit Margin, Operational Cash Flow, Current Accounts Receivables and Inventory Turnover. Customer KPIs such as Number of Customers Retained, Percentage of Market Share, Operational KPIs such as Order Fulfillment Time and Employee Churn Rate (Gawankar et al.,2020).


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