Time management presentation

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Time management presentation

Time management is planning how to divide time into different activities. We all have different tasks that have to be done daily. Time will never be extended no matter the activities you have to complete. One can allocate time to all available tasks to avoid rushing on the last minutes and some tasks remaining undone due to time factors. For me, I keep things organized by setting a reminder on every activity to be done and keeping a routine. Before I start the day, I must have a program to follow. The program has the task and time allocated. I use this as a reminder. Practicing this daily creates a routine.

My rating on time management is good, not best. I have never found myself in a position where I have crossed more than two due dates. I always follow my program but sometimes, some unexpected plans arise which need immediate attention. This makes one leave the program a bit. The results are having crossed a due time of activity. My time management needs improvement such that even when an unexpected activity arises can fix it and have my program unaltered.

My time management skills can be improved in one way only. Give each task the appropriate time. Some days, I might have a few activities and want to be occupied all through, so I’ll have to give some tasks a long time. On such a day, when a sudden task arises, I will be forced to forgo some tasks to have the sudden task complete. By allocating appropriate time to activities, fixing a sudden task will be easy.

The skills I would recommend to a class are, creating a daily planner and blocking distractions. A dairy can be used as a daily planner with all the tasks and time allocated to them. We are having a planned day daily will turn to a routine, a point that you have the program at your fingertips. Distractions are the enemy of time. They can alter your plans leading to so much due to time pressure. When we rest, we emerge stronger from the project, and the best quality work is a product of it being given enough time.

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