The Healthcare Professional

3. Methods of becoming a successful nurse and gathering a post in a reputed hospital

For being a good and successful nurse, it is important to grab some suitable aspects. In relation to that context, aspects like having good communication skills, being reliable, maintaining honesty, and handling the patients with care are crucial for being a successful nurse. Along with these aspects, for being a successful nurse, it is important for a nursing student to behave in an empathetic way (West, 2020). The most important methods that a successful nurse needs to follow are as follows

Maintaining privacy, empathy and rights:

For being a successful nurse, it is important to maintain privacy regarding the personal details of the patients suitably. This will help in gaining the trust and belief of the patients, which is important in the caregiving pathways. Further, it will also improve the nursing skills of the learners, which will be beneficial for gaining suitable nursing jobs in a well-known hospital.

Being good at teamwork:

As a nurse, it is important for a nursing student to work efficiently in a team-working process. Further, it will also help the individuals to meet their caregiving job goals effectively. Further, it also protects future nurses from any collaboration-related issues in the workplace (Smolander et al., 2021).

Implementing various strategies for enhancing the code of conduct

Maintaining the code of conduct is crucial for an individual to become a successful nurse. It will also help the nursing students to maintain their caregiving responsibilities suitably. Thus, there are some strategies through which these codes of conduct can be enriched by the nurses. Such strategies are as follows.

Enhancing the communication skills:

For enhancing the code of conduct, nurses need to improve their communication skills. This will help them to make a good relationship with the patients and understand their needs. Based on that, the caregivers can make suitable action plans for providing suitable care to the patients as per their needs (chron, 2021).

Using good data storage process:

Storing the personal and medical data suitably is one of the core responsibilities that lie on the responsibility list of a nurse. Maintaining the medical history of the patients on effective digital storage platforms will also help the caregivers to enhance their code of conduct suitably in terms of maintaining privacy.

Enriching the team-working skills:

Enriching the team working skills will help the nursing students to maintain their collaborative working process, which is an important aspect present in their code of conduct. Thus, it will benefit future nurses by facilitating their code of conduct in their workplace (West, 2020).

Enriching the code of conduct within a certain time frame

For gaining success and for grabbing suitable job opportunities in the nursing career pathways, it is needed for the nursing students to meet the code of conduct within a suitable time frame. By implementing suitable and effective strategies like enriched team-working skills, implementing effective communication and others, nursing students will be able to enrich the code of conduct within a certain time frame. Further, enriching the code of conduct will also help nursing students maintain their reputations in their workplace and gain better job opportunities in the caregiving field. It will also help the nursing students to maintain their professional legalities in a better way (chron, 2021).


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