The Branding Strategy Between Costco and Walmart

The Branding Strategy Between Costco and Walmart

            Costco utilized a label brand that was completely private to outdo its competitors. According to Meyersohn (2022), Costco, through Kirkland, strengthens its reputation as a store of value. The store is capable of convincing its customers to renew their 120-dollar and 60-dollar membership annually. Furthermore, this is possible since Costco offers standard products. In contrast, Walmart is not glued only to one private brand but to a dozen more. These brands include George men’s clothing and Great Value household staples.

Additionally, Walmart highly attracts middle-income and low-income customers. Statistic (2020) states that the company also eliminates intermediaries during transactions, enabling them to manage low seasons and prices. There are also other brands such as Amazon and Target that make good use of a significant number of private brands. Backing up Walmart, they are all adamant that sticking to a single personal brand remains a big risk to Costco, and there are dire repercussions that they wouldn’t love to be part of. However, Costco is contented that Kirkland’s capabilities to maintain continuous availability, high-quality products, and competitive prices keep its customers only loyal to them.

Sam’s Cub Approach and Walmart

            Sam’s club is a rival brand to Costco. The brand strategizes itself to manufacture and sell its privately owned brands in three tiers. The premium brand is the first to operate under a label by the name Private Selection. Kroger is the middle brand, followed suit by value brands, for instance, Heritage Farm and Big K. Similarly, Kroger created a new brand called Simple Truth. In addition, this brand is characterized by being organic and natural. In contrast, Costco partnered with Kirkland, which is the leading manufacturer and seller of products. Therefore, Kirkland and Costco benefit via a brand partnership of the products.

Campbell’s Approach

            The brand focuses on promotion, product, price, and place independently (Mbaskool 2019). These strategic business measures guarantee the brand’s prosperity in the competitive market. The marketing strategy of Campbell Soup aids in the brand’s attainment of its set objectives and goals. While Campbell Soup’s marketing strategy works independently as a brand, Costco, Walmart, and Sam’s Cub are attached to either one or several private brands to ensure its prosperities and success.


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