Tech Giants

The fixing should be done on the internet and tech giants. The internet is involved with several issues that threaten security in the world. The access to the internet to be safeguarded by the law to ensure privacy and enhance innovation in the tech industries. The domain network provision by certain tech companies breeds incompetence. The tech giant companies have the power to control access to the internet, which could be necessary to be accompanied by law to ensure that personal data is inaccessible by unauthorized parties. Also, interoperability plays a significant role in the industry because it is the ability to make changes to better the technology and innovations. However, interoperability could decide to fail in promoting progress in the industry.

According to Doctorow’s three types of compatibility, I think they all make sense since they are part of the challenges that exist in the technology industry. Indifferent interoperability shows that the tech company leaves the care and responsibility to customers after the purchase with caution of the possible similar products and services that could result in access to personal data by unauthorized users. I think indifferent compatibility could be sorted through copyright and reservation, enabling a better market for similar products. Indifferent interoperability creates room for unhealthy competition in the market. Companies produce similar goods to those of a grown company to sell at a cheaper price. The indifferent operators are forced to operate with struggles in the markets, for they do not have power.

Moreover, the cooperative interoperability, manufacturers of produce goods with limited access to compatible accessories are denied. This poses the issue of why the manufacturers create limits that affect their operation. The limitation affects the corporation involved considerably hence poor performance in relation to innovations. The issues that arise in the technology industry are competition and restrictions that limit efficiency. My opinion is to ensure that despite the cooperative interoperability, companies should have a law that enforces the limit level and the power to make changes. Cooperative operators have powers but face different challenges that drain due to the existing constraints.

Additionally, competitive compatibility is on a mission to work against companies that have come into existence before. Products made under this operation are based on competition measures trying to prove to offer better services than the prior corporates in existence. My opinion is to emphasize competitive compatibility that enhances corporates to ensure that the products produced cover better privacy and security issues on personal data. The ability to change the dominance of companies on network provision ensures that corporates are on the positive side of interoperability. The outcomes of the competitive compatibility could enable the stabilization of the technology industry.

Concerning the giant tech, the issue of making the company’s legal limit has pros and cons. First, the company is liable to make all the decisions and protect the users, which could bring a sense of responsibility to maintain customers. However, granted the legal limits, the companies might be against a competitor to operate under a monopoly. The corporates may limit users’ access and freedom due to the desire to control. Therefore, the legal limit should not be granted to the tech giants since it will limit innovations in technology that small upcoming companies generate. The legal limit should be granted to the internet to prevent the inaccessibility of personal data in case of collapse and closure of tech companies.

Finally, my interpretation of the author’s last paragraph is that corporations are unable to lead on matters affecting the nation, unlike the government. Corporations are business-based, while the government is concerned with the welfare of the citizens and the nation. The government creates a better lead for citizens. The corporation comprises different people in the form of shareholders with the aim to grow and make profits in the industry. In conclusion, the author suggests that the leadership and legal limit are safer under the government.

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