Swot Analysis for A Health Institution.

Swot Analysis for A Health Institution.

A swot analysis is an audit of the strengths of an organization, its weaknesses, potential opportunities that may benefit an organization, and threats that may affect it. A swot analysis gives a comprehensive position of the company and shows a way forward.

The following would be the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats within a health institution.


One of the strengths of a health institution is qualified staff and experts. The skilled staff and health personnel offer patients quality services, which prompts them to prefer the health institution over others. Moreover, the qualified experts give an excellent reputation to the health institution, which Is good for business.


A significant weakness in a health institution is the lack of incentives for the health experts and other staff. The personnel must work for long hours and see many patients each day. However, they are not compensated proportionally for their work, which lowers their morale for work.


The health sector has actively implemented technology and computerized equipment in the health sector. This is an opportunity for the health institution since incorporating new technology saves time and improves efficiency. In fact, The field of technology is continuously growing, indicating an opportunity for more technological advancements in health care in the near future.


The trends in the health sector are changing too rapidly, which is a threat. For instance, patients do not need to come to the hospital anymore to be treated and can access doctors online and have medicine delivered to them. This is a threat to the existence of physical health institutions.

In light of the above SWOT analysis, to ensure that the institution still has qualified staff as its strength, it should hire only the best-qualified people and encourage already employed personnel to seek further studies to those applicable and more knowledge to everyone. To combat the weakness of unmotivated staff, the institution ought to offer incentives such as paid leave and shorter working hours to the health personnel. The institution should also take advantage of available technological advancements and lookout for new ones. Lastly, the institution should keep up with the trends and set up a separate mobile clinic for the online community.

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