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Song Analysis

My artist of choice is Beyoncé Knowles, popularly referred to as Beyoncé. She is a renowned artist, singer, performer, and vocalist. She started her music career as a member of the famous girl group destiny’s child. She is the most awarded female artist in history and is acknowledged for her vocals and outstanding performances.

One of the most iconic songs by Beyoncé is “pretty hurts.” This song was released in 2013. It is contained in Beyoncé’s fifth album. The meaning behind the song is clear and resonates with most people, especially females. It sheds light on the beauty standards that society has imposed on women (Davison, 2014). It highlights that women are expected to be really thin through the lyrics “vogue says, thinners better.” The song also talks about how women are pressured to change their appearance continuously and even have to seek surgery procedures to “enhance “their looks. In the chorus, It’s the soul that needs the surgery suggests that instead of focusing on the physical looks so much, a portion of that energy should be directed towards mending our own souls and finding peace in ourselves.

The song pretty hurts incorporated several musical elements and is, therefore, more complex than most songs. The song is written in the B major key. The song is played at one hundred and twenty-nine beats per minute, maintaining the tempo throughout the piece (Beyonce, 2013). There are also several instruments involved in making the song. These are the saxophone, trumpet, and the clarinet. The composition uses the instrument and different melodies for the verses, hook, and chorus. The result is the spectacular composition as we know it.

Pretty hurts sets standards for future music. The singer has strong well-articulated vocals that not entertain but make the message powerful (Ebony Magazine, 2016). Moreover, the song covers a social issue in a creative social way. This song set the pace for musicians to use their talent and creativity to address social issues through music. Moreover, the song’s composition is complex, involving musical instruments, drum sets, and really hard to hit notes, creating a challenge for music that will be produced in the future.







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