Seclusion of the Marginalized in Popular Culture

An expression of inclusion I would research is the sidelining of the marginalized from the popular culture. For humans to be regarded as social beings, which is their nature, they must have diversity in terms of race, ethnicity, gender, identity, and societal roles in the public space. Differences in people are normally influenced by various societal elements, including; the nature of the music they listen to, social activities, and the people around them. Since the popular culture is mainly off entertainment, the marginalized being sidelined is a blow since they may be in a position to impact the industry positively.

Moreover, marginalized individuals are not usually exposed to many role models (Key). Therefore, players in the popular culture need to be expansive in their exploitation of members of the culture to have divergent stories from varied races, sexual identities, and gender. In this manner, they feel accepted and regarded as fully grown human beings. The representation of the marginalized in aspects of the popular culture such as film is wanting; hence the seclusion of the marginalized will be worth my time of study since I would explore more on identifying the driving factors behind them being sidelined even though they are equally capable of having a positive impact on the entertainment industry. Therefore, my sources of study would be in the entertainment industry’s articles, trends, magazines, music, and film.

Seclusion of the marginalized in an interdisciplinary perspective would be a comparison of the amount of representation of the marginalized between the elements of the popular culture such as music and film. Regarding my topic, I would pose a question that is equal representation a factor in the growth or demise of popular culture? Another question would be, what measures are the players in the popular willing to take to achieve this feat?



Key, J (Author). Why seeing marginalized communities in pop culture matters?


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