Sample on Problem/Opportunity Statement

Problem/Opportunity Statement

Lately, Home Design Solutions does not possess the technology required to integrate its system successfully. In this scenario, a client system will acquire data from a database housed in the cloud or, rather, a client-based system. In addition, all of the office PCs will be updated, and site-to-site VPNs will be installed, connecting each office to the main office. Moreover, field employees will be able to connect to the office network by using a point-to-site VPN, and they will be able to speak with customers and colleagues using a voice-over-internet protocol (VOIP) phone system.

Moreover, a notification will be sent to the software or webpage about an Application Programming Interface (API) for the website, which makes it possible for a client system app to interface with a client database. This means if users were to share their data, the website application would be able to get specific information on how particular tasks may be completed from the other activities taking place. In addition, virtual private networks (VPNs) will be deployed on every workplace workstation to reroute website traffic.

Project Objectives

For the project to succeed, the project manager needs to ensure that all of the systems, including the client, cloud-based, VoIP, and communication systems, are in place and operational. To put this into action, the system that is being envisioned will have to search for an API that can retrieve data from a cloud-based database. In addition, this API will establish a connection with the MySQL database and then exchange the necessary data. On the other hand, each of the systems’ computers must be linked to the cloud to be considered a cloud-based system. In addition, this application programming interface will need to get the appropriate data from the database successfully. In addition, it will be necessary for the project to impact the economy for it to be successful positively. This is because the office machines will be supplied on time, and the relevant software will be installed cheaply. In addition, the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system will be implemented on the phones used by the employees of Home Design Solutions.

Besides, Home Design Solutions has a communication system where company machines have to use VPNs. This VPN will hide the IP addresses of the company’s computer systems to protect sensitive data and employee information. This means if the company communicates with its employees, it is safe. This implies that while using a VPN to access the Internet, the VPN server becomes the origin of the company’s communications. Also, this means that the Internet Service Provider (ISP) and other 3rd parties of the company cannot access the webpages you visit or the information you transmit and receive Internet.

Project Description

The proposed system will address the following issues; first, the system will address the system of implementing a cloud-based system that will be integrated into the Home Design Solutions. Besides, Home Design Solutions will hire a group of IT, system experts to develop and deploy a brand-new, all-encompassing IT system for their business. Currently, the company is operating a generic system on a Windows 2013 server and many PCs connected to an Ethernet star topology. Home Design Solutions would like to update its system by building a brand-new, specially designed one that includes a web server, database, employee system, VoIP system, information protection, and central system (WAN and LAN) for their business. Although each location has its LAN, they wish to link them together via a business WLAN. In addition, the system will integrate a VPN system into the company’s websites to protect the employees and the company’s data.

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