Report and reflection concerning the progress of the project

Report and reflection concerning the progress of the project

 The project was launched in early April, aiming to create a global platform where various stakeholders could access information regarding vulnerable children in Ghana. The success projected on this website was immense because it would help various stakeholders and donors to identify vulnerable children. The website design process involved a team of professionals, each designated to contribute significantly to data gathering, dissemination, and execution once the process is complete. Resources gathered, including finance, helped immensely in hosting and search engine optimization operations. Therefore, the project has shown success as it awaits its final launch on the designated date.

Concerning the project’s success, one of the primary objectives was to provide easy access and navigation source of information on rescue, rehabilitation, and reintroduction efforts of the MBOA Foundation for exploited children. Having gathered all the resources and identifying key stakeholders, it is apparent that the completed version of the website will ensure that this objective is achieved because all the necessary resources were gathered with the help of a responsible team. The search engine optimization and promotion also ensure that in a web browser, the MBOA foundation website appears as a suggestion when a regular client visits the web browser.

From the entire project, stakeholders were concerned with how individuals would make donations or identify the children in question. Integration of special features in the website, such as the “donate” button, which does not require a lot of credentials, is embedded to ensure that users and well-wishers have the ease of navigating when making donations. Real images of recovered children, including their progress and health, will be constantly updated to keep the website running. To prevent lagging, the project was well-planned to ensure that each objective was achieved on the allocated date. Having won stakeholders’ hearts with performance website features, the MBOA foundation is confident that upon the launch of its website, the approximated visitors will exceed in visiting the website.

Working as a team has enabled me to learn several essential steps, including planning and implementing big projects. Website design for the MBOA foundation is a big project I have participated in, and the use of various tools such as the Gantt charts and project software has given me an insight on how to schedule and follow project management activities. I have learned that one person cannot build a website as it involves different components such as interface and UXUI design. To create a website explicitly asking for help, I have learned that one has to be as detailed as possible to attract donors and convince stakeholders. The MBOA foundation is taking advantage of Ghana’s relationship with the United Kingdom, hence the reason for involving most stakeholders from the UK.

In the methodology section, the overall process for completing the project has called for coordination and constant reporting and recording of the progress made. Because this involves the lives of vulnerable children, methods used for data collection must ensure complete concealment of their data for private purposes. The organization has sought authorization from legal bodies that allow the publication of the children’s photos and progress to ensure that the stakeholders also have general truth about the program. The method used to choose a website over blogs and social media is for credible purposes because scamming through false social media and blog accounts has become rampant.

The project would consider a team from various countries for a larger and more complex project such as web design for global marketing. For example, if it had been a global concern, stakeholders and parties from across the world would have had a series of meetings to design a project that would benefit each equitably. This project is different because it concentrates on an audience from Ghana only and specific stakeholders from the United Kingdom. The MBOA foundation may be considered a small-scale project under a charity organization to support local children. For a global project, rehabilitation measures would have been proposed in different countries, and there would be a need for a larger financial pool. Therefore, this project is different from a mega project because of its capacity and resources.

During the project initiation, each team member was allocated work according to their areas of specialization. The allocation ensured no redundancy in work, and the final complement of resources would be made easier. The team worked effectively by ensuring that each task assigned to them would be done by the given deadline. For example, a team responsible for data collection would always ensure that the designers have enough data to feed into the system. As the website awaits its final launch, the team ensured that each meeting yielded fruits and members played their parts in total capacity.

Technology report

The project was majorly facilitated by Ms. Project software which aided in tracking progress and making necessary changes. The initial planning and execution of any project are done through Ms. Project, as all resources needed to complete a given project are recorded. First, this software enabled the team to allocate budget, create schedules, measure performance, and assess risks. Using various Gantt charts to develop plans, each team member could see what was expected during a project meeting. The project software allowed for allocating duties and marking when they were complete.

The project would be tiresome without any software because everything would be manually handled. For example, the use of Ms. Project allowed for schedules and the timeline a project was supposed to take. The software ensured that the project was completed within the allocated budget. Having noted that finance was one of the constraints, the software enabled the breakdown of various activities to be accommodated within the allocated budget. Therefore, it is incomprehensible to work without any project software because the given project would take a lot of time to complete, and budget allocation would not fit.

The project software requires mastery of specific components. Entering and updating data within the software is a cumbersome process, but it is worth it because the project will be completed within the specified guidelines. The data entry process is the baseline that gives a continuous flow of work because each team refers to what they are supposed to do as recorded in the program. I would commend the process because after entering and updating data, following the guidelines becomes easier because it is a matter of referring to the guidelines. Therefore, by working within the allocated timeline and budget, the project helps in managing the project effectively.

A feature that impressed me during Ms. Project software is the provision of different templates to choose from. For example, the provision of charts and tables, plain documents, and the tracking process ensures that each time a section of the project is complete, it is marked as done. The Ms. Project software can also be programmed to fit the user’s specifications. If I had an opportunity to add a new feature to the program, it would be a notification reminder and the ability to add graphs to track performance. The reminder notification would be synchronized into the calendar to act as an alarm so users can know when a particular portion of the project is due.

Several companies have developed different software to perform a similar task. Other software is found online and uses cloud technology to store data. In any case, if there would be a similar project or any other that would require project management software, I would give them a try. Using different software enables the users to gauge the best one and always find out if they are upgrades of the previous software. Therefore, as much as the selected software delivered the required outcome and aided in the smooth running of the project, trying similar programs would be a way of finding convenient ways of handling huge tasks.


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