Reference Entry

Reference Entry

Okunola, A. (2021). 7 Things You Can Do Right Now to Protect Nature in Your Neighbourhood. Global Citizen. Retrieved 21 March 2022, from


To summarize, this article is about nature and how it can be protected. The author focuses on giving some ways that can be used locally to protect nature. The author, Akindare Okunola, is a staff member at Global Citizen Organization as an editorial writer. As an editorial writer, the author has the credibility to write about and give his views about any topic of interest.


Generally, the given information is an eye-opener because it gives its audience new ideas on how they can locally protect nature. Aside from this, this article is accurate due to the given functioning links that connect to other sources of information and statistics. This shows that the provided information can be trusted because it relates to other existing bodies of knowledge. Also, this is a relevant piece of information since it supports my argument, which states that “we can protect nature without technology.” Several aspects of this piece show that it is indeed of high quality. These aspects are not limited to; clear organization of content, presence of introductory information, excellent sentence structure and skills (grammar), and accurate spellings. As stated earlier, this information is in support of my argument, which is why it is important. Because of that, this source will be used in my research.

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