Product Design and Service Design.

Product Design and Service Design.

Product design

Product design involves creating new products to be sold by the businesses to its customers. It entails making strategic and tactical moves in developing activities in which ideas generated are commercialized .Product design is the most important aspect of product development because it helps the potential customers understand benefits and the features that the new product is likely to offer them.

The design process involves three aspects which include analysis, concept and synthesis. In product design, it is important for one to carry out a well-crafted analysis. The analysis in the product development entails first the acceptance of the situation which calls for the study of the current environment in terms of the market dynamics and also the features and benefits that other products offer.

Through the situation assessment, we are able to identify the niche and the opportunities that exist to be fully explored in order to come up with a unique design and therefore enable the development of the product’s features according to (Talk, 2016) in order to differentiate with other products in the market.

The concept is a key aspect of any product design, without concept, the product design lacks objectivity. It involves defining the products carefully in terms of the features, benefits, market niche, and the needs that influence the creation of new products to meet the needs.

Another very important aspect of product design is synthesis. It involves the process of ideating in order to brainstorm different ideas to select the best ideas, implement the ideas outlining various key activities to influence product design and the evaluation of the same ideas. Key elements of the product design include supporting the brand’s values, differentiating the products in the market, maintaining consistency in the entire product portfolio to be able to create steady customers flow. Enhancing the customer’s experience as the key reason as to why products are developed according to (Zurich, 2016) is to satisfy customers’ needs and embody the products function for objectivity.

Product design is important in any business in the world as it helps organizations place their products strategically, especially due to the high level of competition globally. It also helps for the development of customers based products by the use of benefits rather than features creation of the products.

Service Design

Service design is the process of planning and organizing people, infrastructure. Communication and material components of a service to improve quality and the interaction between the service providers and the customers. The purpose of service design methodologies is to establish the needs of customers and the competencies and capabilities of service providers.

The service design has key elements that enhance the level of service offered by the service providers. It includes the service culture, employee engagement in the day to day activities since service is subjective to the service providers, service quality is also another key element as the service quality is perceived differently by people and is judged according to the needs satisfaction. Customer experience is also another key element in service design because at the end of the day the way the service influences the customer’s experience contributes to the demand for the same services.

Service design is mostly used by the organizations in ensuring that only the required services are offered by the right people to the right people. According to (Zurich, 2016) it also helps the service providers to carefully plan on the services to offer in order to match the need and the use of the services.

Facility Design

Facility design is an important component of a business’s overall operations and meeting the needs of the employees. This helps to ensure a smooth flow of work, material and information distribution through a well-coordinated system. Facility design involves key elements which include the building which the operations of the business takes place, the message offered through the impression created when the customers visit the premises, the space options for the operations to take place efficiently in a controllable environment and also the amenities and the safety standards that a given facility design has to offer to its customers.

A good facility design helps the organizations execute the functions efficiently with the close monitoring of the processes and the activities. Facility design also helps to enhance the organization’s outlay of the key components of the core business of the organization through a clear development of technology in the operations management.

Operations management is key to enable the organizations to achieve its objectives according to (Krajewski &Ritzmanetal,2013), and hence it is important to strategically position its products, services, and the facilities that are employed through an effective product design, service design and a proper facility design.


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