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Pretty Good Privacy

Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) is a popular software program that is used for encryption processes providing the user with authenticity and privacy. PGP provides authentication and confidentiality services to its users for file storage and electronic mailing, some of its principal services include; confidentiality, authentication, segmentation, email compatibility, and compression. Confidentiality is the most significant service provided by PGP. This is because the core structure of the program is to ensure private and secure mails are delivered.

PGP generate a signature before adding compression because of two reasons; so that it does not require a compression procedure for subsequent verification and also to ensure different versions of the program generate different compressed formats. This encryption package is essentially unbreakable meaning that PGP is so secure that it is regarded one of the best tools that can be used to improve cloud security. It is impossible for an intruder to decrypt the ciphertext sent through this type of encryption package (Lexie, 2018). This is the reason why I prefer pretty good privacy compared to other encryption packages. It is also well audited and considered a trusted security and privacy tool due to its solid backstory.

In order to encrypt my files, I would implement PGP at home using the following four simple steps; get my partner’s public key to encrypt the file, import my partner’s public key into a key vault, use any file transfer tool to create a project, and confirm that the project was set up correctly before you execute it. However, there are some situations where PGP would not be the best encryption package for an organization, such as places where cryptogeddon and transaction data are essential.


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