Pet Training and Behavior Analysis

Pet Training and Behavior Analysis

In the video representation, there are two dogs being handled in these two cases; the dogs display different behaviours as well as the handlers. There is Jerry and Anshu identified as the handlers. The two dogs display both negative and positive behaviours. The dog handled by Jerry presents negative behaviour, while the one handled by Anshu displays positive behaviour making it easy for her to handle it. Therefore, the two-body languages displayed by the dogs include.

Positive Body Language

The positive body language displayed by Anshu’s dog is

  1. The dog is very calm and relaxed
  2. When Anshu returns, the dog is very excited and tries to come near her.

Negative Body Language

  1. The dog is aggressive
  2. When Jerry returns, the dog is not happy, and it tries being violent to him.
  3. The two dog handlers are very different, and they display different ways of handling the dogs hence the differences exhibited in the behaviours displayed by the dogs.

Handling Issues of Anshu

Positive Handling

  1. She calmly handles the dog such that it gives her a simple time in restraining it.
  2. She touches the dog peacefully, from where she is able to build a good relationship with it, thus giving her a good time to deal with it.

Handling Issues of Jerry

  1. He does not allow the dog to calm down in cases where it is aggressive, and as a result, he keeps following it.
  2. In cases where the dog shows some bad behaviour and is aggressive, he does not find ways of helping it but rather does assumption, thus the unending aggressive behaviour which he has to deal with.
  3. The positive and the negative signs displayed by these two dogs can be a result of different things to which the dogs are exposed.

In the case of the positive signs, where the dog displays a positive behaviour, Anshu handles the dog in a way that ensures that it remains calm as it does not have anything from which it can be against how she handles it thus the need to be calm and relaxed. Anshu ensures the dog exercises in different ways, such as giving it the doll, which helps it in keeping busy hence the composed attitude. She handles the dog in a too way positive manner, and as a result, the dog reaches the point in which it has drawn maximum comfort from her, and it knows that she is in a better position of handling it well (Sir, 2021). Therefore, she is a key facilitator of the calmness which is displayed by the dog. In addition, she can improve the situation by having her interact with the dog more and giving it chances to experience a good mood that helps in ensuring it is treated well.

Also, the excitement displayed by the dog when Anshu returns is a show of the satisfaction that the dog reaps from her. Anshu gives the dog a lot of comforts and ensures she restrains it in the calmest way possible (Sir, 2021). As a result, she has conditioned the dog into experiencing a lot of happiness, as in the case where it sees her, it experiences the excitement of having someone that can handle its situations in the best way possible and someone that gives it the things it needs to survive and thrive. The situation can be continued by continually handling the dog in a positive way such that it does not face any situation that may turn it aggressive.

In the negative behaviour, Jerry’s dog displays a negative behaviour in which it is aggressive towards him. The aggressive state of this dog is caused by how Jerry treats the dog as he does not give it enough time to experience his presence as well as building a good rapport from where the dog would show a big sense of calmness from Jerry handling it well and catering for its needs in each time a need arises. The dog has been conditioned into barking whenever it sees Jerry since its brain has it that he is not able to handle it well hence the aggressiveness which it uses as a mode of self-defence (Sir, 2021). The dog reflects the attitude of Jerry as he seems serious in dealing with the dog, thus the negative behaviour it exhibits. The dog acts in a fear mode in which it does not feel safe in the hands of this man hence the need to defend itself. Therefore, the situation can be handled by having Jerry come up with strategic ways in which he can ensure he builds a rapport that gives his dog the chance to enjoy his presence hence a great chance of showing calmness.

Also, Jerry’s dog does not show happiness upon coming but rather starts to growl. The dog displays the behaviour since its mind is conditioned to Jerry handling it in an unfit manner, and as a result, seeing Jerry sparks different reactions in which it is required for him to lay strategies to ensure his dog reaps happiness from his presence (Sir, 2021). He should start putting it through exercise since the exercise can help in changing its mood and ensuring the rapport built between him and the dog is great. The exercise can help in conditioning the brain of the dog in a positive way; thus, the positive behaviour can be exhibited by the dog towards Jerry.

  1. In the two situations, the handlers handle the dogs differently.

Anshu handles the dog more calmly, and as a result, the dog enabled dog gives her the chance to attend to it (Sir, 2021). The improvement she can exhibit in this situation is finding ways to ensure she handles the dog better, hence the better rapport that gives her peace in handling it.

In addition, she gives the dog the doll, which the dog uses in exercising and ensuring it remains in a great mood. The actions which Anshu shows help in ensuring the dog cope with her well (Sir, 2021). She gives the dog more peace to ensure it experiences the best mood in her presence, hence the ample time it gives her in dealing with and restraining it, unlike Jerry, who aggressively handles the dog, hence the aggressive behaviour exhibited between the two characters.

In the case of Jerry, he is characterized by negative modes of handling the dog. He does not calm the dog in cases where it displays negative and aggressive behaviour. If Jerry handled the dog in the best ways possible, the relationship between him and the dog would be better, giving him a simple time to deal with it and attend to its needs (Sir, 2021). Therefore, to help in handling the dog well and ensuring the aggressive behaviour is reduced, he should engage the dog in various ways, such as subjecting it to some exercise such that it copes with him and as well to ensure he builds a good rapport between him and the dog. In addition, the handler should take down the behaviours of the dog and the reasons why it might be handled in such a manner and from that point, he is able to draw better strategies (Sir, 2021). In addition, he should avoid acting aggressively towards the dog in cases where it acts aggressively. In addition, he should stop putting his dog through punishment in cases where it exhibits aggressive behaviour since it is the basic way through which it is causing it to exhibit the aggressive behaviour hence the difficulties in handling it. The way the dog acts in his handling exhibits the possibility of having it biting him, and as a result, he should deal with it in a better mode than acting in the same degree it acts.

Also, the bad behaviour of the dog is backed by Jerry not finding ways in which he can help the dog calm its situation. Handlers are always identified as the key trainers of these dogs and the people that are entitled to conditioning the state of the dogs and ensuring they behave in the best way possible. Therefore, the case of Jerry creates a very bigger room for improvement as he should ensure he copes with the state of the dog and he delivers the ways through which he can help in handling the dog and its actions hence the need to improve his actions towards how he reinforces different behaviours in the dog (Sir, 2021). In addition, the sense of aggressiveness displayed by the dog cannot be helped through training alone but seeking medication for the dog can help in ensuring the aggressiveness is reduced (Sir, 2021). The aggressiveness might have been caused by different factors, such as psychological problems which the dog might be experiencing. A psychological problem may be difficult to be conditioned by training in which the handler is equipped with different ways in which he can train the dog to reduce its aggressiveness. The dog might be having fear, and fear cannot be eliminated through subjecting it to training. Therefore, medication may help


Sir, Eddie (2021) For Case Study 2

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