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Personal Statement

My name is Hassouni Fawaz. I am an American citizen with valid work permits. I live and work in the United States permanently. Academically, I have a Bachelor of Science in Social Work Degree from Fourah Bay College—the University of Sierra Leone. I am also a holder of a certificate in Computer Science from the Africa Information Technology Holding in Sierra Leone, a certificate in Mediation from the Political Party Registration Commission, and a certificate in Media and Communication Strategy from Nomoli Media in Sierra Leone. Other educational qualifications include a certificate in Graduate Internship Orientation from the National Youth Commission (NAYCOM – SL) and a certificate in Administrative Assistant from Penn Foster Career, besides a Diploma in Warehousing and Distribution from Supervisor Penn Foster Career School.

Occupationally, I boast vast experience in social work. I have worked as a Social Work Practitioner and Development Specialist for several years, serving in development program management with Civil Society Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, and Community Base Organizations in Sierra Leone. Specifically, I worked in the rural and urban communities in Sierra Leone where I provided capacity building for youths, rehabilitated and empowered persons with disabilities, and administered therapeutic/counselling services to those in mental discomforts, among many other services.

I aspire to study abroad for various reasons. However, my core goal is diversifying my competencies to be relevant occupationally both locally and globally. The world is fast moving towards diversity and inclusion. International boundaries are opening for workers to work freely in any part of the world. Only workers who boast ample capacities to serve in the global contexts can thrive in this newly shaping business setting.

Studying abroad will table me the opportunity to develop these competencies and capabilities. For example, by studying abroad, I want to learn different languages and cultures to avoid issues such as language barriers and culture shock, which are common in workplaces in foreign countries. I have grown up with a dream to study and work overseas, and I believe that studying away sets the foundation for realizing this vision.

My eyes are on South Korea. I fancy this country because of the quality of its institutions and instructors; hence, education. I recently realized that most employers seek highly graduates from Korean universities. South Korea also has a stable economy with numerous opportunities, assuring a secure future after graduation. Therefore, studying in South Korea will guarantee me a quality education, opening up a wide range of job opportunities.

I will be going to study advertising and promotion management. I have chosen this course because it pillars my future occupational ambition: owning a non-profit organization to help the needy. The course will help in marketing the organization to potential donors and clients. My study experience in Sierra Leon will help my integration and settling in South Korea. My stay and study in Sierra Leon exposed me to different challenges that come with staying and studying abroad, such as language barrier and culture shock. However, it also allowed me to learn how to address them. I will borrow my experience in this country to ensure a smooth life in South Korea as much as possible.

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