Outline an Introduction Speech_My Student life Achievements

Outline an Introduction Speech_My Student life Achievements


We often associate our achievements with the goals we initially set in our lives. When such are fulfilled, it is in our nature as humans to consider it an accomplishment. Life is often a struggle, and it is summable to the accompanying success and shortcomings we experience. 1 The primary aspect of realizing various achievements is outlining our goals. 2 some challenges accompany the realization, but finally, the end always justifies the means. 3Personally, the struggle toward perfection and desire to be a celebrated person outside the classroom has driven me to the success I have witnessed in various extracurricular activities I have been involved in.

Awareness of self is essential in life since it propels us towards heights we could only imagine (Zahavi,2008). During my early childhood days, I often struggled in class. My teachers never liked me since my performance was underwhelming. Every teacher loves and appreciates good-performing students. The rest, like I was, were subjected to unfair treatment. Knowing that my academic excellence was a tall order, I had to discover a niche where I would excel. My parents usually pushed and encouraged me. They said life is not stagnant in academics. They held my hand and involved me in outside classroom activities. At this early stage, I prioritized my goals and set to excel in activities outside the class.

What was less known to me is that setting goals are just a step to the number of challenges one has to face to realize perfection and success. Blending academic work and extracurricular activities was tasking, and the lack of total concentration on one proved chaotic. I did not have particular areas of outside class activities that I desired to be perfect in but generally any extracurricular activity. Because of this, I experienced several shortcomings with initial failure in everyone I pursued. Do you know what kept me going? The consistency of my parents pushed me and routing for me to be successful in activities outside classroom tasks. I, therefore, kept my head high and maintained the desire to achieve my goal; succeeding outside school academics. My resilience ultimately worked in my favor (Cooper & James,2003).

I have since been proud of participating in many extracurricular activities. Ideally, engaging in such tasks is not only a recipe for success but also beneficial to individual health (Guest & Nick,2009). The resilience I initially showed during my period of trial and failure proved fruitful in achieving many accolades, among them the following. Debate competitions in my school have never been the same. I have been a top two performer in every one of them, most being twins. In addition, I have been a victor in an art competition earning a reward of twenty thousand dollars. Another outstanding fee I have realized is being the best in basketball. I was the core of my team in winning senior and junior competitions and the old high school championships. I for sure take pride in these achievements, among many others. Resilience propels individuals toward great heights. I appreciate the efforts of my parents to push me to achieve all these.


As the saying goes, life is not a bed of roses. We have shortcomings and failures driven by mistakes, but through them, we master the art, enabling our success. It does not matter the number of times you fail or the challenges that may hinder your success. What matters is accomplishing the goals at the end of it all. I am proud of the achievements I have had as a student.

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