Operation Management Issue Faced in Moonlight Technology

Job Description Analysis as a solution for the Existing Operation Management Issue Faced in Moonlight Technology

Operation management is mainly associated with manufacturing and converting materials and raw products into finished and processed goods and services efficiently to build on and maximize the profit of an organization. However, since this management is involved with numerous duties and is vital in the final production of goods and services, it is evident that various challenges are likely to be faced on a daily basis. An excellent example of an organization facing challenges in operation management is Moonlight Technology.

Moonlight Technology is a manufacturing company that deals with the production of technological equipment like computers, phones and laptops. The company was founded in 2004, by a group of shareholders that had a marketing vision of providing quality equipment for communication. Moonlight Technology began as an organization that sold technological equipment such as landline phones and desktop computers. In 2010, after noticing the issue and problems found in various phone brands the company shifted to marketing its own brand of phones and computers that were free of the problems experienced. The company currently has 15 branches in the country, with over 1500 employees. Moonlight Technology prides itself with the mission of “Offering the best technologically advanced products” and the vision of “becoming the best manufactures of tech-advanced equipment that offers user friendly solutions.”

One main challenge that has been noticed in this organization is managing the appropriate system design. This problem has been linked to the lack of proper skillful workers in the department, that has resulted to production of equipment that do not meet the clients’ expectations. For this reason, it is crucial that a proper job description analysis needs to be carried out to inform and educate the duties and qualifications needed to ensure that all employees in the department are familiar with the duties. This way the issue of low-quality equipment would be resolved in the future.


Zhang, W. J., Wang, J. W., & Lin, Y. (2019). Integrated design and operation management for enterprise systems. Enterprise Information Systems13(4), 424-429.





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