Nature of Life and Society Enhance Morals in Christians, Muslims, and Buddhists

How Understanding the Nature of Life and Society Enhance Morals in Christians, Muslims, and Buddhists

Different people in the world understand the nature of life and society in varying ways. The disparity arises due to the differences in religious beliefs and culture. The understanding may help instill moral values in the individuals. This paper will discuss how different religions (Christianity, Islamic, and Buddhism) understand the nature of life and society and how this understanding makes them better people.

Christians understand the nature of life as the stages of growth, reproduction, and death. Christians believe that each being was created by God with responsibility and is subjected to growth. Human beings are sinful creations. However, God gave his only son Jesus Christ as a sacrifice to die and wash our sins. Nature teaches Christians to avoid sins to avoid crucifying God’s son again. The action has made many Christians better people by avoiding sins such as lying, murder, taking bribes, and pride. Nature and society require Christians to love one another. God’s word has also stated love as the greatest commandment (Cox, William, & Robert, 2018). Therefore, this understanding that everyone should love one another helps Christians take care of each other. It also makes each Christian acquire good morals. Life gives each Christian a responsibility. In society, each Christian has a duty over something. Christians believe that they are responsible for God’s creation. The responsibility makes each Christian learn to take care of the environment and everything in it. Being responsible for God’s creation makes each Christian a good steward of his property and makes him a better person. Nature and society teach Christians about forgiveness and reconciliation. Christians believe that through the death of Jesus Christ, sinners have been forgiven. Therefore, each Christian learns how important it is to forgive others because God forgives them. Forgiveness makes them better and able to live with each other in harmony. According to the nature of life, everything is dependent on each other. Christians have therefore learned to respect everything in the environment, including plants.

Nature and society require Muslims to defend what is right. Wrong deeds should be described as wrong and condemned by words and actions. Muslims are expected to have good conduct in society. Society and the nature of life have taught Muslims to speak up and condemn wrong actions. According to the nature of life and society’s rules for Muslims, each is accountable for his actions. Muslims have been taught that doing one bad thing after being good in one’s lifetime could ruin his life.

Similarly, doing one good thing after being a bad person could change one’s life. Being good makes Muslims better people because society rules and nature teach them so. Nature also teaches Muslims that it is acceptable for a person to change his ways after being bad. The room for change encourages those who have not conducted themselves according to society’s rules to change into better people. Nature of life has taught Muslims the principle of equality. Since everyone could die, man or woman, Muslims have learned not to be discriminative. Every person has their worth according to the nature of life and should be respected. Society has encouraged Muslims to make better decisions regarding respecting others. Nature of life has taught women in Muslim to cover their bodies. These lessons have made these women learn to protect their dignity (Ruby & Tabassum, 2006). According to modern society, women have been given equal rights to achieve their goals. The power of women will ensure growth and civilization in society. Modern Muslim women can play a greater role in society’s growth and become better than those before.

Buddhists have a certain perspective on the nature of life and society. Buddha teaches that people should be cautious of their deeds. Preventing the destruction of nature and other living things such as plants and animals makes Buddhists learn to be responsible, making them better people. Taking a life is illegal for a Buddhist. Understanding this makes Buddhists better people by learning to be compassionate and caring to all living things, including the non-human things. Nature teaches Buddhists that all things are interdependent. Therefore, harming one thing makes the other suffer. For example, it is wrong for Buddhists to piss in water bodies (Woodhouse et al, 2015). Interdependency makes Buddhists learn to take care of the environment. Buddhists, therefore, learn to conserve the environment and be better and affectionate people. Buddhists have learned to be respectful of all creatures. Through being respectful of the nature of life and society, they have become better people who can live in harmony. They have also been able to be responsible people in their lives.


In conclusion, Christians have a different understanding of the nature of life and society from Muslims and Buddhists. This understanding encourages people to be good in different ways. There are some similarities, such as being responsible for environmental care and being compassionate to all living things. Forgiveness of sins is taught in Christianity. One good deed could outweigh all the past bad deeds among the Muslims. In all religions, people should learn to be respectful of the nature of life and society to live together in peace and harmony.

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