Introduction to Information Technology

Literature Review

Impact Of Internet and Intranet on Business

Effect of the internet on business

Business operations are impossible without the internet in today’s world. Internet is used in every aspect of business ranging from marketing to selling and purchasing, account management, and innovations (klientsolutech, 2019).


Prior to the inception of the internet, Businesses operations were often local. This was because connecting to distant customers was difficult. But with the internet, the whole idea of customer base creation has changed. Today it is possible to target a large number of customers from a different geographic location. With the arrival of smart gadgets like smartphones, the role of the internet in business has become inevitable.


Easy access to business information has been possible due to the internet connections. Business personnel can now access the ongoing trends in their business fields, Discover consumer behaviour and can get ideas to improve their business strategy (Francis, 2019).

Easy Entry into the business

Business entries were restricted in the past as they required a huge investment; however, with the commencement of internet the, advertisement costs. Moreover, a small business can start a website at reasonable prices and market its products at a low cost. Online job boards and career-based social networking sites have made it easier for business developers to find talents.

Using digital media advertisements

With the easy availability of internet connections and increase in internet speed has enabled the companies to attract more customers. Also, Search Engine Optimisation allows the companies to mark their presence in the search engines among the other competitors.

Collaboration with other businesses

Working in collaboration with the other business personnel as well as the employees has become easier. High-speed internet seminars, often called webinars, are mostly used for conducting important business meetings. This saves both time and money. Moreover, the process of outsourcing jobs has also emerged due to the availability of internet connections; therefore, with the internet, the business world has been able to transform into a more dynamic sector, generating more employment while providing better customer services (Xue et al, 2018).

Impact of Intranet on Business

A company’s private internet network is referred to as intranet and is typically hosted on the cloud. Cloud networking makes work easier and more efficient.

Easy information flow

When employees of a company are connected through the intracloud network of the company, the flow of information becomes rapid. Intranet helps the employees to keep in sync with the other employees, their team, and departments. This results in effective communication between the employees and helps to generate more efficient output (unily, 2022).

Creating knowledge base

The intranet systems of a company help to preserve the knowledge which would be lost otherwise. The conversations, decisions, actions, ideas, and innovations are all preserved by the internet cloud of a particular company. Therefore, this helps in assisting future business operations (Price, 2022).

Developing fellow feelings

Intranet can help in the reinforcement of brand identity with the staff. For renowned organisations the cloud networking facility, along with easy communication with managers and team leads, can instill a sense of pride and belong among the staff. This, in turn, improves the job output while enhancing job satisfaction among the employees (García-Moreno, 2018).

Role of IT in helping managers to manage business

With the advancement of technology, all business processes have been digitized. The integration of Information Technology into the business processes has enabled the managers to use various tools and software for the effective management of the business. The use of IT in business thus helps it to become more productive, save money, streamline communication, and improves managerial decision.

Efficient organizational communications

With the advanced use of information technology in business processes, it has become easier for managers to establish communication with a larger number of employees at a time. Therefore, saving time for the managerial processes. IT allows managers to hold virtual meetings with the employees and the clients, which makes the business process easier (Donohoe, 2019).

Efficient daily operations

Inventory management software can help the managers to check the real-time levels of inventories and, in the process, can provide the managers with helpful reports and generate orders at the time of low supply (MacKechni, 2019).

Better Customer management

 Customer management software can help the associated customer relationship manager in generating leads and tracking metrics. Automated systems in sales and marketing offered by the software can help the managers in keeping a comprehensive record of the same while reducing the burden of work (LaMarco, 2018).

Better decision making

The role of decision-making by the managers became easier due to the implementation of Information Technology tools and software. Software like Enterprise Resource Planning enables the managers to find out the real-time data of the company’s performance. This helps the managers to make more informed decisions (Tallon et al, 2019). The dashboards of the software are specifically designed to show information related to finance, marketing trends, ad other vital statistics regarding the business performance of the company. The managers can then use this information to decide on future expenses and customer needs.


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