Inquiry Genre Reflection

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Inquiry Genre Reflection

Based on my inquiry topic, primarily based on the subject of Google Translate, I saw it fit as a non-fiction genre. The non-fiction genre is a document or media content that provides accurate and authentic information concerning and solving some real-world issues that do not implement the use of exaggerations or fictional stories to make its point. I chose this genre because it is the most suited to fit the inquiry project I wrote. The topic of my inquiry project mainly explained the features of Google translate and how it has grown to make people’s lives better. It focuses on how Google translate has improved and expanded from its invention. Additionally, how it has slowly added many features to make it better, and how people from all over the world have used and appreciated its use as a problem-solving tool to help them with issues to do with translation.

Among the functions of non-fiction is that the genre is truthful in the accounts offered either of historical or empirical facts. My inquiry topic is driven by the need to educate people on the progress, challenges or shortcomings and the impact that Google translate has had on today’s generation. This genre fits this topic as it seeks to educate and tell its story as truthfully as possible. The genre meets its true purpose as it tends to persuade, express, inform and entertain its audience; it has in its inclusions some real-life situations and includes some factual information.

Non-fiction genres, especially essays, are mainly meant for learners interested in learning more about specific topics. Non-fiction genres could come in handy for students researching related issues, such as essays, and can be used to find facts and act as references to their findings. In the case of the topic I used in my project about Google translate, the target audiences are learners or researchers primarily in science and technology fields, as the issue tends to talk about inventions and the use of technology to make lives better. It also can be beneficial to people from all over the world to spur an interest in learning another language. Additionally, Google translate could be an essential tool for people who may be touring a different area whose residents speak a foreign language from the one they talk in.

Understanding this genre helps one with the need to either persuade, express, inform or teach people to relay their message to their intended audiences better. Its knowledge has also helped me improve my writing and research in the said genre and other genres associated with writing. It has also helped me to know that you can use written information to express and persuade your audience using factual facts concerning a specific genre.

In conclusion, the non-fictional genre is essential as it provides accurate and authentic information concerning some real-world issues and how they are solved. It does not implement the use of exaggerations or fictional stories to make its point. It helps to persuade,  express, and inform their messages to the intended audience and is very educative in showing facts about new technologies that are solving real-life problems in an easily understandable manner.



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