Covid 19 is a new disease that is hugely infectious and highly advanced. According to Lee (2020) it has the nature of pneumonia, which was discovered in Wuhan in China, and on 31st December  2019, it was told to World Health Organization. In Kenya, coronavirus disease was reported by the ministry of health on 12th March 2020. Covid 19 is a form of respiratory disease spread from one person to another. The covid 19 virus is mainly spread through driblets of saliva or slime from the nose and phlegm once an ill person coughs or contaminated substance.

The signs and symptoms of covid 19 include headache, fever, and difficulty breathing (Burke, Killerby, Newton, Ashworth, Berns and Brennan,.2020). The (WHO) recommended several measures to curb its spread. Some of these recommendations are keeping social distance, shunning kissing and hugging, and covering of mouth as well as a nose when coughing. when covid 19 came into Kenya and held its roots Kenyan economy has been messing up as foreign investors and stakeholders were pulling out of the Nairobi stock exchange


Erratic of the Kenyan currency. The eruption of covid 19 had led to the constraint on the Kenyan shilling. As per Aday and  Aday(2020)When the international communities lifted lockdown and restrictions on the movement of immigration,  the world supply chain faced challenges of foreign coinage. The other effect of covid 19 is the Performance of Financial Markets. When the first case of covid 19 was reported, most foreign investors who had enormous investments in the country, especially on the Nairobi stock exchange, threw out their securities, terrified of the market falling, causing the massive collapse of security prices bartered at the business.

The small and medium enterprises have experienced economic constrain due to curfew and lockdowns leading to job loss in the country.

Moreover, it has led to destruction in the international Supply Chains. The spread of covid 19 has disordered the global supply chain causing Kenya, which had been  banked on  with importation  become the susceptible place.

The spread of covid 19 has massively disrupted the global supply chain making Kenya a venerable place, more so in the African countries that rely on imports, especially in Kenya. The curfew and lockdown that has been there in Kenya during covid 19 error have disrupted the manufacturing industries leading to low importation and exportation of the commodities.


One is that it helped to hearten a more thoughtful awareness of society. This has been an affirmative proficiency through working distantly and being absent from the usual workplace. The employees are unrestricted by allowing them time to relate and intermingle with their friends and families using mingling virtually. As per Alsoud and Harasis,(2021) the other impact is the development of technology in the field of learning, and this has enabled virtual education and access to journals, articles, and books, reducing the costs incurred by libraries. This has become effective and successful during covid  19 error.

In the field of trading, technology has made trading simpler by making the world a global village. This has led the manufacturing industries to productive and easing advertisement.


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