Guided meditation for stress reduction

Guided meditation for stress reduction

In our everyday lives, we experience different amounts of distractions or encounter obstacles that prevent us from achieving what we intend to. The daily obstacles that interfere with our objectives or intention to achieve an important goal refer to stress. Depending on how we would like to manage it, stress management can take different courses and thus control it differently. Meditation is always an essential concept in stress management because it resets the mind into thinking something different from what causes stress. For example, sparing time to concentrate on a random object has various consequences, positively impacting the mind in most cases.

When I watched the meditation video on mindfulness, I felt more relaxed because, under some guided activities, I could sway my mind from the reality of life for a moment. Concentrating on the feet and feeling the small movements made me temporarily forget that I was undergoing some challenges. Before the video, my mind was in all places, and I felt like many things were undone and going on. Switching for a moment, even the five minutes the video offered meant a great deal as I could feel myself for that period.

After watching the video, I felt a sigh of relief and thought that there was a heavy burden offloaded from my head. I felt inner greatness and sudden peace that, for a moment, I thought was utterly missing before the meditation. In most cases, we spend too much energy and resources trying to solve obstacles that come across and forget the most natural way of managing them, which is meditation and mindfulness. I realize that involving the brain in the healing process is essential to recovering from internal and external stressors. Meditation, therefore, can be helpful in different fields, including education, should a person need relief from stress or should a person need a psychological rejuvenation.

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