Garnier Skin Care Advertisement

Garnier Skin Care Advertisement

Advertisement is an announcement made to the public intending to create awareness, persuade and promote a product or a service. I choose an advertisement for Garnier skin care since the skincare routine is a trending issue on the internet. The advertisement is from the internet and explores the magnificent skin care protection for both men and women. The advertisement scenario emphasizes maintaining outstanding skin for males and females using the Garnier skin products (Anderson, 2019). Society today, especially young ladies and men, is more concerned about their skin appearance. Such concerns force them to look for quality products and services that help them in their skincare routine. However, Garnier skin care products have been trending on the internet as one of the best products for maintaining a beautiful look.

The advertised products are Garnier skin care products such as moisture rescue gel cream, vitamin C cleansing foam, facial mist spray and dark spot corrector. The advertisement aims to reduce young individuals’ anxieties about their skin by offering them products that will enhance their skin appearance, thus improving their confidence and attractiveness. It also aimed at promoting the sale of Garnier skin products by creating awareness in its targeted audience (Suryani & Margery, 2020). The advert’s target audience is individuals who use the internet frequently, especially the youths and individuals with a great urge to enlighten their skin. Most young individuals have adopted the internet to learn new ideas, the trending adverts for products and ways to enhance their skin routine. For instance, many young people will go for skin care routine they have seen celebrities use and advertise on the internet, thus the reason for identifying young individuals as the targeted audience in the advertisement.

The central claim in the advertisement is that good skin gives us confidence and makes us attractive. The picture of the individual making the advert provides a visual that has a significant emotional impact on the audience. The beauty model in the advert has the face and skin tone most people would like to have and confirms to the young society the real meaning of an attractive skin tone (Anderson, 2019). In my opinion, the claim is not credible. This is because the advert is from the internet and anybody can make their advert on the internet. In most cases, the internet makes claims without using evidence to prove their claims, thus altering the media source’s credibility.

Using testimonials, case studies, and the press may make the Garnier skincare advert more credible. Testimonies from customers help the Garnier offer more believable. Also, using case studies during advertisements will show how other people have benefited from the product, thus making a claim more credible. Lastly, using the press to offer media reports increase the advert’s credibility since the media report is compelling. The failure to use the testimonial, case studies and press would make a claim less credible.

The author uses rhetorical strategies such as describing the procedure of using the products to achieve the intended skin appearance, defining each garner product and stating its role and analyzing the effects of the skin products on the user. Yes, gainer advertisements reveal that mere exposure effect cognitive bias. Since the Garnier skincare advert is all over the internet, such as Instagram, Facebook, youtube and other internet platforms, this enhances retargeting the young individuals now use the internet, which may significantly increase sales than targeting new customers.


Anderson, C. (2019). Public voices: Skincare advertising and discourses of “beauty”. In Discourses of Ageing and Gender (pp. 73-112). Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.

Suryani, W., & Margery, E. (2020). The influence of social media advertising, e-marketing and product quality on the process of purchasing nature cosmetics. International Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Systems, 5.


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