Discussion: Week 3 Databases Used for In-Database Analytics and Why

Discussion: Week 3 Databases Used for In-Database Analytics and Why

According to Horgan et al. (2020), the following are the databases used in in-data base analytics; Marketing databases use historical price and volume data for financial markets for testing trading strategies. Sensor database; Use historical data from sensors to monitor situations like the weather. Transaction database; use historical transactions that include purchasing patterns for improve4d sales and marketing. Natural language database; study social media information for research purposes. Machine data; use software and hardware-generated data from products to improve efficiency.

It is important to understand the databases used for in-database analytics; because different databases are used for various business purposes such as fraud detection, credit scoring, risk management, trend and pattern recognition, and thus using the right database increases the chances of getting the right predictions and results(Strum et al.,2020).


Hogan, A., Reutter, J. L., & Soto, A. (2020, November). In-database graph analytics with recursive SPARQL. In International Semantic Web Conference (pp. 511-528). Springer, Cham.

Roy-Hubara, N., & Sturm, A. (2020). Design methods for the new database era: a systematic literature review. Software and Systems Modeling

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