Discourse on Colonialism and the films The Haitian Revolution and Black Skin White Mask.


Name: Katerina Georgiadis

Reading this particular essay, I resonate with the conclusion that racism is a major theme highlighted in the texts of Discourse on Colonialism and the films The Haitian Revolution and Black Skin White Mask. In The Haitian Revolution, the main focus is the impact of slavery on the nation of Haiti and the undermining racial factors behind this particular occurrence. It is evident that slavery was deeply rooted in the Caucasian culture, and the motive for slavery was the perceived superiority of the white people over the black populations “They burned the mechanisms of their production. They’re burning the plantation fields, burning down the houses.” (TheBlackestPanther, 2017).In the reading Discourse of Colonialism, it is revealed that class struggle is an issue that is caused by racism. Cesaire has a different perspective of the bourgeois accused of exploiting the proletariats for their interests. Katerina gives a vivid explanation of how inequality continues to impact society. In Black Skin White Masks, it is evident that racism is a major issue impacting the community, and this is seen through the words “Yes, the black man is supposed to be a good nigger; once this has been laid down, the rest follows of itself (Julien, 1998). Through this, it is evident that racism is a major issue. Katerina’s reading clearly explains racism and how it proliferated in the colonial era and beyond.

Name: Giulia Medina

Giulia’s article gives a clear explanation of the different viewpoints expressed through the three readings. One aspect mentioned in Discourse of Colonialism is the viewpoint concerning colonialism and moral hypocrisy. “Colonialism: Bridgehead in a campaign to civilize barbarism from which there may emerge at any moment the negation of civilization, pure and simple” (Cesaire, 2000, pg.40). It is a clear explanation of the negative impact colonialism has on the individual and society. This article also gives an in-depth analysis of the documentary The Haitian Revolution. This topic bears great interest since it reveals the struggles for freedom faced by a country that is feeling the impact of slavery. It is evident through this documentary that racial inequality is a major issue impacting society. “It’s a dangerous idea because the society is based on inequality. That’s what makes it work because it was not supposed to work for everybody. It was supposed to work for a minority (TheBlackestPanther, 2017). Giulia also touches on the movie Black Skin White Masks and explains that it gives a clear perception of being a black man. Black people are subjected to hardships just because of their race. Giula’s realistic viewpoints give a true picture of the issues represented in these texts and videos.

Name: Sistine Noel

Sistine reveals major issues of racism throughout these readings and videos. From the book Discourse on Colonialism, it is evident that the west practices hypocrisy and especially in its portrayal of colonialism as a savior “First we must study how colonization works to decivilize the colonizer, to brutalize him in the true sense of the word, top degrade him…” (Cesaire, 2000, pg.35). It is evident through this that the colonizers had ulterior motives hidden in the pretense of good intentions. Sistile also reveals how the Haitian Revolution documentary gave contemplation concerning the issue of colonial racism. The institution of slavery was a strategy of using oppression and racial discrimination to enrich the white people at the expense of the black population. “The thing about it, though, is that this richness was rooted in all slaves. Its wealth was based on human capital. On owning that human capital (TheBlackestPanther, 2017). Sinstine’s reaction to Black Skin White Masks reveals the realities concerning colonization and how it impacted society. It is evident through this that there is a huge connection between slavery and the colonial institution. All these are based on the white assumptions of superiority and entitlement.


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