Chronic Illnesses And Sexual Health

Chronic Illnesses And Sexual Health

Chronic illnesses are most likely associated with sexual dysfunction; in most cases, people suffering from sexual dysfunction experience it due to their medication and treatment. In this paper, I will discuss some chronic illnesses such as diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, and arthritis as some of the diseases that hurt sexual health. However, I will majorly concentrate on diabetes and its implication for sexuality. It can be detrimental to a person’s sexual health when they have type 2 diabetes since they frequently have a reduced libido or lose their sexual appetite. A person may have enjoyed a fulfilling sexual life and a robust libido before receiving a type 2 diabetes diagnosis. The condition might not be enjoyable (Connell, 2022).

Diabetes-related diabetic neuropathy, a neurological illness, may cause sexual dysfunction. Also possible in the genital region are numbness, pain, and loss of sensation. Consequently, erectile dysfunction may follow. Additionally, neuropathy can impair orgasm and make sexual stimulation challenging. These side effects may make intimacy unpleasant or even painful. For instance, many erectile dysfunctional men eventually learn they have diabetes. In people with diabetes, sexual problems may signify nerve damage, blocked arteries, and hormonal imbalances. Even though there is still much to learn about sexual dysfunction in diabetes patients, researchers are convinced of one thing. Chronically elevated blood glucose levels are the root cause of numerous sexual problems, so enhancing glucose control is the first step in solving these problems (Nall, 2019).

According to (Mayo clinic, 2019), men’s erections may weaken and take longer to get as they age. Full arousal and starting orgasmic and ejaculatory experiences may take more time. Also rising is the number of people who can’t get or keep an erection. Men can use different medicines to get or keep an erection that is good for sexual activity. On the other hand, ageing causes a decrease in estrogen for women, affecting their sexual health as they approach menopause.

In conclusion, chronic diseases such as diabetes hurt sexual health for both men and women, but this condition may not be permanent; a specific medication is prescribed to patients facing frustrations due to sexual performance, such as medications including sildenafil tadalafil, and avanafil. Men and women experiencing such sexual problems can also undergo therapies to solve their problems, for example, Kegel exercises.


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