Characteristic Of Air Transport That Makes It More Desirable

Characteristic Of Air Transport That Makes It More Desirable


Transport by air is the most recent mode of transportation. It is a gift to the 20th century to the globe. In almost all the countries in the world, world wars impeded the development of air transport. Since air transport does not need any specific surface track for its operation makes it a peculiar characteristic (Brandt et al., 2019,p 400). Air transport has no physical barriers like other means of transport. Additionally, international law requirements must be observed since political boundaries are immaterial. Its highest advantage lies in its quickness. Even though its cost is high, it is the fastest method of transportation hence being suitable for wealthy passengers, mail, and costly cargo. Though, in the most developed countries, it offers tough competition.

Characteristic Of Air Transport That Makes It More Desirable


Since there are lives involved in every operational aircraft, safety is more important. Aviation safety is the step toward preventing accidents and incidents in the aviation industry. Aviation is a complex industry that involves the participation of people in more than one area, from the manufacture, maintenance, the support from the ground, passengers, and inflight to the flight crew, all of the play a vital role in ensuring safety. Safety is achieved by intricate network methods that help prevent errors and omissions. The safety in aviation has been improved by the collaborative approach of the organization involved in the making and production of aircraft and its equipment oversight of the airports’ regulatory, operation, air traffic control, and infrastructure (Oren 2021,p 140).

Additionally, it is a safer means of moving fragile goods because it requires less packing space to reduce the weight limit. Hence making it more efficient than other methods of transportation. Furthermore, air transport gives individuals a chance to track their goods with the help of a web application. Hence indicating one can monitor the cargo from departure to arrival.

Reduced Storage Requirement

Due to the speed of transporting cargo by air freight, there is less for warehousing. The faster clearance process of customer officers provides them to inspect and approve goods for transportation at the friction time of some other delivery system.

Cost-effective Transportation

Insurance premiums are caused by more prolonged and less reliable shipping methods. Though air cargo transportation takes approximately less period than other shipping methods, goods are subject to the same dangers so that individuals can accept owner insurance payments. Hence lowering the cost makes the individual offer a better price to the customer. Although air freight shipments can be more expensive, the amount of money saved on insurance can help reduce some of the costs included with shipping by air, making it a more suitable method of transportation.

Network of destination

Not relying on the road networks or the coastline as the sea transport, planes can reach virtually every global destination. Since they fly above congested transportation areas, it enables them to reach challenging delivery points that other modes of transport cannot access.


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