Challenges While Shopping

Challenges While Shopping

A while back, when shopping at a typical retail shop without much technology and customer experience, I had difficulties identifying the product I needed from the shelf because it was my first time interested in it. The fancy shoe was trending for a while, and I needed a user experience before making the purchase; thus, it was apparent that I needed a review of the product and a reliable place to purchase it. While in the store, I had to walk around, look for the specific shoe type, and ask the retail assistants to help me identify it. Even though I found the shoe, the experience was quite frustrating because I felt lonely, with no digital technology assistance and no personal guide.

With the challenge in identifying a product well-advertised over the internet when one visits any retail shop, I think it is necessary to involve digital marketing and digital guide for clients’ sake. Assuming that no one knows the name or product brand they are looking for, it is necessary to make work easier by partitioning each product and giving them digital labels. It would be better if a customer enters the shop and has a digital search on the product they are looking for to be directly guided where the product is. It will be a waste of time if the customer moves around, guessing each shelf to find their desired product. The only solution, therefore, remains to incorporate digital marketing to make work easier. Several retail shops have gone the digital way because the traditional online marketing could be misleading, thus making clients feel that they lack a personal interaction with their products before purchasing them.

Having watched the video, I am confident that the digital marketing method used in the shop is the best way to satisfy a customer’s need. Customers learn about the products they are about to purchase through onscreen reviews left by other customers. For example, if it is a shoe of one’s choice, a client who purchased the shoe might have left a positive review, thus convincing other clients to buy it. The retailers can also monitor customers’ reactions virtually, collect necessary data, and make improvements regarding the particular product. I also recommend this type of digital marketing because it saves a client’s theoretical experience with a strange product and gives a real-time practical experience, thus improving the client’s ability to make a purchasing decision.


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