Board’s Increased Involvement in the selection of strategies

Hiring personnel for organization strategizing is essential if the organization wants to be efficient and successful. The goal of an organizational strategist is to help the board understand and implement a strategic plan that will lead the organization forward. Doing this can ensure that all stakeholders are aligned with the company’s goals, critical processes are running smoothly, and productivity levels remain high. Strategists help identify opportunities, assess risks, formulate action plans, and monitor progress (Ahmed et al., 2020). Additionally, they can help to identify opportunities as they arise so that action can be taken quickly and efficiently. In addition, hiring an organizational strategist helps to protect against potential pitfalls by ensuring that important decisions have been thoughtfully considered before being made. The Organization board should hire personnel for organization strategizing to ensure efficiency and drive the organization towards achieving its goals.

In response to the peer post, strategists play a critical role in helping an organization stay ahead of the competition, improve productivity and morale, and increase revenues. It is accurate and advisable that the board should hire personnel for organization strategizing to ensure efficiency and drive the organization toward achieving its goals; this will help reduce confusion and organizational chaos, which can lead to short-term gains but long-term failures. Personnel should be hired who have experience in strategy formulation and implementation, as well as leadership skills. They should also communicate effectively with team members so everyone understands what is being planned and how their role contributes to overall success. Hiring someone to help with strategy development can ensure that the organization is moving in a coherent direction and achieving its goals. Additionally, having a clear action plan helps avoid confusing or chaotic situations. To ensure the organization takes on its opportunities or overlooks potential threats, it is essential that strategic planning is ongoing throughout an organization’s existence.

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Ahmed, T., Khan, M. S., Thitivesa, D., Siraphatthada, Y., & Phumdara, T. (2020). Impact of employee’s engagement and knowledge sharing on organizational performance: Study of HR challenges in COVID-19 pandemic. Human Systems Management39(4), 589-601.

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