Articles in the Humanities International Index about medieval attitudes about childbirth and miracles

Articles in the Humanities International Index about medieval attitudes about childbirth and miracles

Births can be natural, abnormal, or stressful. Natural births are more prevalent around the end of the seventh, ninth, or tenth month. And the head should emerge first, face down, followed by the neck, the shoulder, and then his hands alongside the body. A strange birth occurs when the legs, hands, or sides emerge first. When the foetus cannot emerge, it tortures and oppresses the mother; she will bear this anguish and anxiety for a long time. There are articles in the Humanities International Index on medieval attitudes about childbirth and miracles.

The first is a charm to facilitate the delivery of a child written in London, British Library, Sloane MS 3160, which shows symptoms of being transcribed directly from aural memory. Before delving into the characteristics of scripts in which ritual texts are “staged,” it’s essential first to explore the genre of the verbal texts. Medieval charms are usually indistinguishable from prayers, blessings, or exorcisms in the Christian tradition. It may be difficult to separate a prescribed incantation from other Christian rituals if it involves an oral performance to accomplish a purpose through performative speech in a ritual context. Rituals comprise prepared behaviours such as eating or drinking words, touching, wrapping or tying things to the body, and verbal charms, benedictions, or blessings. Rituals may have been integrated as part of medical knowledge in the middle Ages.

Monica Green’s analysis of the Trotula collection, the most important medieval gynaecological text, is one place to explore for rituals. Since the Trotula collection’s inception, a few cures for difficult deliveries have relied on rituals rather than medicinal alternatives. One mandates that the lady consume particular letters with the Sator arepo tenet opera rotas palindrome written in cheese or butter. At the same time, another specifies that a string of letters is drunk with another women’s milk. The skin of a snake is used as a birthing girdle in a third rite. These cures, designed to expel a dead fetus or promote a delayed delivery, were found in proto-Trotula variants by the eleventh century.

The author of Shevilei Emunah (Paths of Faith), an encyclopaedia published in Castile in 1360, decided that a girl’s birth is more painful than a boy’s because males are born head-first looking down, away from the dust from which Adam was formed. On the other hand, girls are born with their backs to the sky, staring up at the rib from which the first woman was born. Difficulties during labour put the mother’s and her unborn child’s life in jeopardy and put midwives’ competence to the test. While medical literature maintains an androcentric narrative that portrays midwives as second-class citizens to doctors, they acknowledge midwives’ ability and competence.

Eadmer’s Vita Sancti Anselmi includes a short book of marvels. Eadmer, a monk of Christ Church’s cathedral monastery, had been Archbishop Anselm’s close personal friend and confidant. Eadmer mentioned a belt that had formerly belonged to Anselm but was now capable of miraculous healing. He went into considerable detail about how the belt cured Humphrey, a knight, of dropsy and alleviated Eastrilda, a noblewoman, of an undisclosed grave sickness and lowered a monk’s high fever. 15 ‘It is a frequent habit for sick people on both sides, especially for women at risk of childbirth, to beg for the belt with holy purpose and the sure expectation that they would regain their health if only they could have the use of it for the time-being,’ he said almost as an afterthought. Women were used to borrowing the belt to help them with labour. Eadmer and his fellow monks were aware of the belt’s supposed abilities.

NCJRS database findings on murder rate for teens by 2000

In the United States in 2000, an estimated 1,610 juveniles were slain, down from 2,880 in 1993. In truth, when the juvenile murder rate was corrected for fluctuations in the size of the juvenile population, it was lower in 2000 (2.3 murders per 100,000 juveniles) than it had been in any of the preceding 20 years. In 1980, 8% of all murder victims were under 18, the highest proportion of any age group. In 1993, a youngster accounted for one in every eight individuals slain in the United States (12%). This figure remained constant until 1999 when it fell to 10% in 2000.

Name of the press that published John Nizalowski’s book of poetry

Since 1990, John Nizalowski has taught creative writing, composition, and mythology at Colorado Mesa University. He worked as a teacher at Virginia Tech and the New Mexico State Penitentiary’s College of Santa Fe program. John Nizalowski’s poetry books “East of Kayenta” and “The Last Matinée” were published by Turkey Buzzard Press in 2011 and 2016, respectively.

FDR’s New Deal websites Reliability

( is the most reliable website to find articles; the second reliable source of articles is website (, comes as the third most reliable website to find articles(, and lastly, is the least of all (


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