Analyzing Hong Kong Bio-Rhythm R&D Company Limited


Hong Kong Bio-Rhythm R&D Limited Company is a leading life technology company that researches and develops a series of home health products using artificial intelligence and big data technology. Julia Liu founded it in March 2019. The HK Bio-Rhythm team comprises members from various research institutions and ex-employees from multinational pharmaceutical companies such as Novartis, Johnson & Johnson, Sino-US SmithKline, and other famous international medical institutions. The HK Bio-Rhythm research work is based on the innovative application of “Cellular Thermodynamics” and “Modern Biorhythm,” producing a series of high-quality, wearable healthcare equipment and intelligent monitoring systems.

The core technology of Hong Kong Bio-Rhythm R&D Limited Company is to use the three-dimensional, multi-precision smart sensor to conduct the process of transferring abnormal heat sources inside the breast to the surface of human tissues through micro-thermal cycles to establish a gradual biology relationship between “dynamic heat dissipation micro-energy fields” and the corresponding “strain field of moist molecules.” The technology carries out automatic feature extraction and multivariate screening.

The Product/Service

The company’s product is the Breast Guardian, produced through Breast Biorhythm Monitoring System. The Bio-Rhythm‑Breast system continuously collects and monitors the biological data of human cell kinetics and alerts users to seek prompt medical help and diagnosis. This system is based on the theories of thermal changes in cell metabolism. It collects cellular biorhythm data via intelligent sensors and transmits it to a cloud database in real time for comparison and analysis. After analysis, assessment reports will be sent to the user’s mobile phone and provide health risk warnings and suggestions. Users can decide on their next steps, such as taking a medical examination and realizing breast health risk management at home.

Benefits and Features of the Product

The product creates a breakthrough system for cancer pre-screening and risk assessment. HK Bio-Rhythm is committed to providing customers with convenient and economic Cancer Risk Monitoring and Early Warning Services in the comfort of their own homes. They measure “micro-signs on the surface of the human body “formed by “in vivo conduction “and build AI mathematical models of “cellular microdynamics” that have clinical correspondence with the data to achieve At-home Cancer Risk Monitoring. Bio-Rhythm Breast system can continuously monitor the user’s breasts and issue an early warning if any health risk is detected. This wearable device for home use continuously collects the biological data of human cell kinetics and monitors any changes.

Who and where are the targeted customers

HK Bio-Rhythm Company serves both locally and internationally breast cancer patients and women exposed to the risk of contracting breast cancer. Breast cancer is getting more common, especially in the 45 to 80-year age group. Julia Liu, its co-founder, suggests that experience shows that most women usually do not seek medical attention until tumor cells reach intermediate or advanced stages. Home monitoring can increase the early detection of problems and allow timely medical intervention.

Process of HK Bio-Rhythm Venture Creation

Julia Liu, the founder of Hong Kong Bio-Rhythm R&D Co Ltd, started her business in Shanghai many years ago before moving to the Hong Kong Science Park in 2019 to start Bio-Rhythm Company. Liu’s decision to move Bio-Rhythm R&D company headquarters to Hong Kong was prompted by the difference in the business environment between the mainland and Hong Kong. Hong Kong had more significant market opportunities with a broad range of international re-insurance companies. This means more opportunities for cooperation, business development, and connecting with global markets. Hong Kong’s strict talent screening system has helped Bio-Rhythm R&D company with the recruitment of excellent technical staff.

Value Proposition of HK Bio-Rhythm Venture

A value proposition in marketing is a concise statement of the benefits that a company is delivering to customers who buy its products or services. It serves as a declaration of intent inside the company and the marketplace. A value proposition is a company’s promise to a customer or market segment. The proposition is an easy-to-understand reason why a customer should buy a product or service from that business. The value proposition of HK Bio-Rhythm is to improve the survival rate and reduce the cost of treatment via early warning of cancer risk at home and increasing the chance of a successful early diagnosis.

Entrepreneurial Marketing Strategies

Hong Kong’s entrepreneurial environment has heated up in recent years. At the same time, the support given to local start-ups has also encouraged non-locals to set up their businesses in the territory. Hong Kong is one of Asia’s most cosmopolitan cities and attracts a broad range of international re-insurance companies. It created more opportunities for cooperation, business development, and connecting with global markets. HK Bio-Rhythm seeks to accelerate growth in the sci-tech sectors and increase its support to innovation and technology companies. The company believes that encouraging cooperation and exchanges between companies and universities and promoting the commercialization and industrialization of research results would be two other valuable steps. Other measures might include promoting a sound investment environment to create a more active capital market. The Hong Kong Science Park combines innovative skills with proper management and offers an outstanding research environment for tech companies. Participation in information-sharing sessions, conventions, exhibitions, and cultural exchange activities also helps.

HK Bio-Rhythm Milestones

These are key events or actions in the project or the business journey that mark a critical progress stage for HK Bio-Rhythm R&D limited. Milestones are not some random stretch goals that are unlikely to reach. They are vital points throughout a project that prove a certain amount of progress. They should all mark that the business journey has gone the next “mile.” That could be something as simple as cooperation with other big companies, landing the first customer in a new vertical, or as complicated as releasing a new product prototype. Business milestones typically do not just measure progress, but they are part of the business contract. Specific milestone made so far by HK Bio-Rhythm R&D limited includes;

  • HK Bio-Rhythm R&D Limited jointly established HK Bio-Code Company Limited with the world’s elite biologists and mathematicians.
  • After obtaining the China Health Authority Breast Biorhythm Data Analysing System and Sleep Safeguard System Software Certification in 2021, the HK Bio-Rhythm established a solely owned China Cell Biorhythm Medical Diagnostic Centre Company Limited.
  • Collaboration with Assicurazioni Generali and AXA. Assicurazioni Generali is an Italian global insurance and financial products market company, whereas AXA is a French multinational insurance company. Assicurazioni Generali and AXA health insurance sell and administer international healthcare insurance products to HK Bio-Rhythm Company.
  • Signing ‘Million Women Breast Health Cover Collaboration Agreement with China’s Taiping Insurance Company in 2021.
  • In early March 2021, HK Bio-Rhythm R&D Limited concluded a project with Meinian One Health to establish a Cloud Data Platform. Meinian One health Healthcare Holdings Company Limited is a China-based company that provides physical examination and medical services. The company mainly offers biological studies, health consultations, health assessments, and medical services.


Entrepreneurs who bring disruptive innovations and ideas to the table, particularly when it comes to technology, can help the industry recover. At the same time, healthcare technology is evolving rapidly and constantly. Entrepreneurs must develop lasting strategies that will allow them to bring new and valuable concepts, services, and products to the healthcare field. The following are opportunities in healthcare that an entrepreneur should consider; ovarian cancer detection, health insurance, bedside monitoring, electronic health records (EHRs), medical transcription services, and the application of mobile healthcare apps.


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