An Issue of Personal, National or International Concern

An Issue of Personal, National or International Concern

An issue can be of personal, national or international concern. A case can be problematic that not only does it affect you personally but also affects community, nation and even internationally, where it brings about crime, chaos and havoc to society and humanity at large (Van Dijk 1991). A country like the Bahamas, Block (2020) urges that it has a high rate of crime, especially Nassau, the largest city. Despite having one of the greatest enjoyments places, the town of Nassau experiences high violent crime, murder, kidnapping and arm robberies making the city unsafe for travellers and people living in the city. The murder rate is the most alarming problem in Nassau, where a specific place is known, and people are advised to avoid certain places as “over-the-hill”, one of the poorest areas south of downtown.

To minimize these cases first, Sutton (2016) suggests it will have many benefits to educate and initiate the youth in programs that will enable them to socialize, have a campaign that will help identify crime suspects within the community, and put measures against any illegal behaviour. I will engage religious institutions, schools, and families to help fight against crimes in Nassau since they are the main fighters against crime. Engaging police and social control agents will also be a priority to enforce law and order within the city and county at large. The other way will be to initiate policy decisions where research and strategy on how to deal with crime doers regarding the safety of citizens and visitors. By having a well informed and guided policy, individuals committing a crime will be fully aware of the consequences of any crime and therefore be ready to face the full wrath of law and punishment. To reduce crime, I shall advocate for a good relationship between the law enforcers and the civilians by adopting problem-oriented policing, which has a positive effect on law enforcers’ approach to crime reduction. It shall be of great honour for the police to engage Problem-Oriented Policing philosophy by partnering with public, private and educational institutions to curb all causes of crime.

The third way will be to reduce unemployment as it directly contributes to high crime rates. Singer (2008) urges that when a county has a large group of unemployed youths, the high chances are that the youth start engaging in robbery and drug abuse gets intense. They even use a firearm and other materials to commit crimes against unsuspecting citizens. Unemployment in the Bahamas will have to be reduced when the government takes the initiative to create a project, programs, and job opportunities that engage the youth in using their strength and mind in activities that bring growth. For instance, the government should create programs like garbage collection and city beautification in Nassau city where the youths shall socialize to make their city environmentally friendly, reducing idleness among the children as it a major contributor to crime. I wish to see the government of Bahamas educate and equip the youth, especially those in the city of Nassau, on how to apply for tenders way to implement and supply these tenders in ways it shall benefit the youths and the town. Furthermore, the government has to reduce importing human resources and instead mentor its youth by offering them massive hotel and construction jobs in and beyond the city of Nassau.


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