Airport Management

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Airport Management

Rajapaksha, A., & Jayasuriya, N. (2020). Smart airport: a review on future of the airport operation. Global Journal of Management and Business Research.

Globalization has influenced rapid growth globally, including the contemporary aviation industry that is being prompted to embrace the features of the advanced technology to have efficient management systems to facilitate strategies to cope with the growing passenger volumes. The industry is under pressure because the increasing passenger population demands a system that will facilitate efficient functioning to ensure the limited infrastructure is utilized to serve the increasing volumes adequately. In response, main airports in developed regions such as Europe, Asia and the United States have adopted contemporary technology preparation for digital transformation. Other airports, however, especially in developing countries, are yet to begin the transformation and are still struggling to maintain operations using traditional techniques and strategies.

Consequently, operators must embrace the concept of a smart airport, which is literature evolving to help mitigate the setbacks of the current airport system. It is a system focused on providing passenger satisfaction while ensuring conducive and favourable working conditions for all employees. It is associated with several advantages, including aviation security, passenger convenience, operational efficiency and optimization of limited resources. Hence, airport managers will have a system to help them cope with significant challenges attributable to the increase in passenger volumes. They will benefit from various applications of a smart airport such as smart check-in, self-boarding, biometric services, indoor navigation, smart wearable, RFID luggage tags, airport apps for mobile phones, border control, self-baggage tagging and kiosk for lost luggage. However, a smart airport is liable to certain challenges, including cyber security, return on ‘smart’ investment, changing the mindset, and maintaining standards.

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