Abuse and Society

Abuse and Society

Abuse is the mistreatment or misuse of people, often unfair, leading to self-benefit. Abuse can occur in many ways, such as verbal, physical, or unjust practices. The abusive behaviors are usually aimed at making a person submit or comply with the will of the manipulators. In our society, abuse is widespread, and vulnerable people are on the receiving edge of the abuse (Lopez-Naira, 2019). Human capital has a more significant influence on resource availability when compared to social capital. However, social capital has the support people need whenever they feel defenseless. First, human capital refers to the health, skills, and knowledge people accumulate throughout their lives.

Human capital is necessary for helping people be able to realize their worth and potential as productive members of society. A person’s human capital can be measured by completed education, status, and societal position (Crocker, 2019). For a person who has experienced abuse, there are many resources that one can utilize better. Examples of such resources can include hotlines, rescue shelters, and counseling groups, among other aspects available for women who have experienced abuse in their marriage.

If abused, I would mainly rely on the social form of capital. A solid emotional support system ensures one can go through difficult times. Family and friends can be one of the most immediate forms of social capital one could rely on. For instance, when life tends to get hard, family and friends can be there to give support and encourage the young ones. Social capital is essential in helping people work together to achieve a common goal; therefore, it can be more accessible to battle abuse if one is with a group.


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