A Comprehensive Guide on How to Write an APA Formatted Essay

When delving writing, adherence to a specific stylistic layout is indispensable. The American Psychological Association’s (APA) framework is commonly utilized across the social sciences, pedagogy, and various other disciplines. This manual will navigate you through a detailed methodology for crafting an essay in APA format, assuring your creation aligns with the norms stipulated by the APA. There is need to understand how to write an APA formatted essay.

 How to Write an Essay in APA Format

The Essence of APA Format

APA format embodies a collection of regulations and directives instituted by the American Psychological Association, intended for penning research papers, essays, and other scholarly documents. It lays down a uniform structure, citation technique, and layout instructions, fostering consistency and lucidity in scholastic writing.

The APA format holds numerous essential roles. Primarily, it augments the legibility and understanding of scholarly papers by providing a well-defined framework. Moreover, it enables proper acknowledgment and referencing of resources, upholding academic honesty. Lastly, APA format facilitates the effective articulation of research discoveries and concepts.

Fundamental Guide of an APA Essay | Core Constituents of an APA Formatted Essay

  • Cover Page

The cover page heralds the onset of your essay, encompassing the essay title, your identity, the name of your institution, and the running head. The running head is a compressed variant of the essay title and is displayed on the header of each page.

  • Summary

The summary, or abstract, provides a succinct overview of your essay, encapsulating the key points and objectives of your investigation. It ought to span approximately 150 to 250 words and briefly encapsulate the subject matter, research queries, methodology employed, outcomes, and final deductions.

APA Formatted Essay

APA Format Essay

  • Introduction

The preamble, or introduction, unveils the subject matter, supplies contextual information, and declares the intent of your essay. It should captivate the reader and furnish a lucid thesis statement that delineates the primary argument or research question.

  • Body Section

The central section, or main body, of the essay harbors the essence of your argument or research. It ought to be structured into segments and subdivisions, employing headings to efficiently arrange the content. Each paragraph within these sections should manifest a coherent concept and substantiate it with evidence and appropriate attributions.

  • Conclusion

The closing remarks, or conclusion, condense the principal themes of your essay and reiterate the thesis. It should also provide a wider perspective, implications, and potential trajectories for subsequent research.

Example of an APA Formatted Essay

Title: The Implications of Online Networking Platforms on Mental Health: An In-Depth Examination


This paper delivers a broad assessment of the implications of online networking platforms on psychological wellness. It delves into the consequences of such platform usage on multiple elements of psychological health, encompassing self-regard, perception of physical appearance, and mental disorders. The paper scrutinizes both the constructive and detrimental effects of these platforms, emphasizing the importance of a measured and conscious approach to its utilization. References adhering to the APA standard are interspersed throughout the paper to credit and cite information origins.


Online networking platforms have woven themselves into the fabric of our everyday existence, drastically altering how we connect and engage with others. Yet, the rising ubiquity of these platforms triggers apprehensions about potential ramifications on mental health. This paper seeks to delve into the repercussions of online networking platform usage on psychological well-being, casting light on its sway on self-regard, perception of physical appearance, and the onset of mental disorders.

Online Platforms and Self-regard: The continual exposure to meticulously arranged posts and images on online platforms can significantly influence an individual’s self-regard. As per the research of Smith and Johnson (2018), frequent usage of these platforms could instigate social comparison, where individuals gauge their personal lives and accomplishments against others’ idealized portrayals. This ceaseless comparison can engender sentiments of insufficiency and deflate self-regard.

Online Platforms and Perception of Physical Appearance: The representation of unrealistic aesthetic ideals on online platforms can negatively sway individuals’ perceptions of their physical appearance. An investigation by Johnson and Martinez (2019) proposes that exposure to idealized and heavily manipulated images can result in dissatisfaction with one’s body and heighten the risk of developing eating disorders, especially among younger women.

Online Platforms and Mental Disorders: The excessive engagement with online platforms has also been associated with the onset and aggravation of various mental disorders. A study by Brown and colleagues (2017) unveiled a positive link between addiction to online platforms and symptoms of anxiety and depression. The perpetual desire for validation, fear of missing out (FOMO), and experiences of cyberbullying contribute to elevated levels of psychological distress.

Moreover, a probe by Greenfield and Davis (2018) identified a correlation between online platform use and disturbances in sleep. The exposure to blue light radiated by screens, coupled with the addictive nature of these platforms, can interfere with sleep cycles and result in sleep disorders.


The influence of online networking platforms on mental health is a complicated and multifaceted concern. While these platforms offer numerous advantages, such as augmented connectivity and sharing of information, they also present risks to psychological well-being. It is vital for individuals to be cognizant of potential negative effects and to adopt a conscious approach to online platform usage.

5 Tips of writing an APA formatted Essay

When constructing an essay in accordance with APA guidelines, it’s crucial to adhere to the rules proposed by the American Psychological Association (APA), recognized for their scholarly writings in the realm of social sciences. Here are quintessential recommendations to assist you in authoring an essay that is compliant with APA regulations:

  • Use proper formatting style

APA norms necessitate specific layout guidelines for your composition. Ascertain that your manuscript is double-spaced throughout, boasting 1-inch borders on every side. Employ a crisp and readable typeface, like Times New Roman, set to a font dimension of 12 points.

  • Incorporate a title page

Your composition should commence with a title leaf that encapsulates the title of your composition, your identity, the designation of your institution, and a running caption. The running caption is a truncated variant of your composition’s title and should materialize on each leaf, positioned left within the header.

  • Cite Your Sources

APA norms utilize in-text attributions and a citation catalogue to acknowledge the references you’ve employed in your composition. Whenever you rephrase or quote from a reference, incorporate an in-text attribution that encompasses the author’s identity, publication year, and page figure (if applicable). At the culmination of your essay, incorporate a citation catalogue that offers comprehensive specifics of all the references cited in your essay.

  • Structure your essay

APA norms typically advocate a structured layout inclusive of an introduction, main paragraphs, and a conclusion. Transparently introduce your subject in the introductory segment and offer a crystal-clear thesis assertion. Each paragraph in the body of your composition should spotlight a specific point or facet of your subject, fortified by evidence from your investigation. Lastly, summarize your principal points and reiterate your thesis in the conclusion.

  • Adhere to APA directives for headings and subheadings

APA norms utilize headings and subheadings to organize the content of your composition. Utilize descriptive headings to signify the main segments of your composition and subheadings to further split and classify the information. The APA directives stipulate specific layout rules for each level of heading, such as bold or italicized text and capitalization.

Frequently Asked Questions on APA Formatted Essays

4.1 What is the suggested typography and interval for APA essays?

APA essays ought to be penned in Times New Roman, font size 12, with double-spacing pervading the entire manuscript, encompassing the title sheet, précis, core body, and bibliographic entries.

4.2 How do I acknowledge references in APA Format?

In the APA scheme, parenthetical acknowledgements incorporate the author’s surname and the year of publication. For verbatim excerpts, the specific pages must also be included. The exhaustive reference ought to be incorporated in the bibliography at the conclusion of the composition.

4.3 How do I arrange the bibliographic entries in APA format?

The bibliography should be positioned on a distinct sheet at the conclusion of your composition. It should be titled “References” and organized in alphabetical order by the authors’ surnames. Each entry should adhere to a particular format based on the kind of reference (e.g., tome, periodical piece, web portal) and include all the requisite details such as author(s), date of publication, heading, and source particulars.

4.4 Is it possible to utilize headings and subheadings in my APA formatted essay?

Absolutely, the APA scheme promotes the utilization of headings and subheadings to systematize and structure your composition. Headings should be formatted uniformly throughout the manuscript, with disparate levels of headings signifying different degrees of significance. Employ Heading 1 for principal sections, Heading 2 for subsections, and Heading 3 for further divisions within subsections.

Concluding Remarks

Composing a essay in APA scheme may initially appear daunting, but by adhering to the principles provided by the American Psychological Association, you can proficiently structure and format your composition. Remember, rehearsal and familiarity with APA principles are vital to mastering this formatting style. By utilizing this exhaustive guide and referring to the APA Publication Manual, you will be fully prepared to compose essays in APA scheme with assurance and exactitude.

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