Air Pollution in Atlanta

A basic component of academic research is the annotated bibliography. The annotated bibliography is a list of the sources you have found so far. The list is in alphabetical order as it would be on your reference page and includes a full citation for each source as it would appear on your reference page.

However, in addition, an annotated bibliography includes an annotation for each source, which is basically a summary of the source and some commentary on why the source is useful to your project.

Some steps to consider while developing your annotated bibliography are the following.

Revisit the five research questions you developed in the previous assignment.
Then, find content from scholarly sources connected to the research questions. You must find at least one scholarly source per research question.
As you research to find scholarly sources, you must (1) make meaningful connections with local examples of environmental injustice in the previous assignment, (2) attempt to answer some of the questions asked above—the causes, consequences, and strategies of environmental racism, and (3) ensure that there are direct connections to the research questions.
Having identified a scholarly source, an annotated bibliography must be provided.
Assignment Deliverables

Your task this week is to write a paper that must fulfill the following requirements.

Include at least five sources.
Include a clear summary of each research source. Explain what the resource is about so that the reader can get a sense of the article. Here you will want to clearly state the main argument or point and explain some of the topics and supporting reasons focused on in the text.
Include commentary on why the source is useful and what kind of evidence it adds to your project. Does it add a unique perspective or type of evidence? Explain why you are including it. Make a connection to the specific research question.
Each annotation should be around 100–150 words long.
Include a full reference page, formatted in APA format, for each source.
i have attached the paper of my questions. Let me know if you need anything else

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