Child and Brain Development

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Child and Brain Development

Part 1: Watch the video
” How a child’s brain develops through early experiences.

Then answer the following question:

1: What  did you learn in the video that you think everyone should know.

2. Share with your classmates an example of serve and return with children in your lives or examples you have seen in children of the two types of stress that were addressed in the video.

3. In  your opinion, if every parent and teacher watched this video, how would children benefit?

Part 2:

Read this lovely description of the value of play Just Playing-1.pdf

Now you are ready for Part 2

Part 2: Find a quote on the internet or in a book that celebrates the value of Play (Cite it).  Then find a picture of children playing. This may be a picture chuldren in your own life or one that is available on the internet

1. Post the Quote with author and the picture. 2.Tell your classmates
why you picked the quote and picture, 3. Identify the developmental
domain in your picture. (For example: Physical Development, Social
Development, Intellectual/Cognitive  Development, Emotional
Development,  Language Development).
The four sources are:
1. Youtube Video
2. Just Playing PDF
3. Quote Source
4. Text Book
Additional Files

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Preview YouTube video How a child’s brain develops through early experiences

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