You have been working with one

You have been working with one of your small business clients, Tom Parish. Tom owns and operates a successful furniture manufacturing and retail business (‘Eminent’) but you have become alarmed by Tom’s relaxed attitude toward IT governance. In a recent conversation, Tom suggested that he has only a small number of staff, all of these staff have been with ‘Eminent’ for at least 10 years, and he trusts them all. He also expressed the view that his business is relatively small, and it was only large businesses that needed to worry about the possibility of computer fraud.


An email for Tom that clearly explains the potential risks of computer fraud and the importance of IT governance. Your email should conclude with a very brief explanation of the way in which your accounting firm can support Tom in this area (i.e. what is the role for accountants in IT governance).

Email should be professional. Tom is not an accountant, so your email must be expressed in plain (simple) language.

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