Safety-critical systems are one of the software types that raise many legal and ethical issues.

Safety-critical systems are one of the software types that raise many legal and ethical issues. You can touch its benefits everywhere but .the consequences of malfunctions are disastrous Write a report titled “Risks and liabilities of safety-critical systems” and cover the following topics:

 What is a safety-critical system? What does it consist of?

 Safety-critical systems are everywhere in our lives, mention eight different examples for safety-critical systems from different areas and specify each for each application the

area it belongs to.

 Discuss four distinguishable features of safety critical systems.

 Discuss four reliability regimes/factors for safety-critical systems.

 Discuss four challenges in developing safety-critical systems that are not usual in

developing traditional systems.

 Discuss five errors that may lead to system failure in the safety-critical systems.

 Explain one real example about a safety-critical system failure and explain the reasons

of the failure and its consequences, and what should have been done to avoid such


 As a software developer, write some recommendations and guidelines to your

colleagues to use when developing safety-critical systems and make sure to make their liabilities, responsibilities, skills required clear. Cover at least ten important points.

 Conclude your report by summarizing importance of safety-critical systems in enhancing our lives and work and the need to put standards and legislations in advance to avoid any ethical or legal issues that may emerge.

Also pay attention to the following:

 Add at least two figures/tables.

 Add captions for the figures/tables.

 Use cross referencing for the figures/tables.

 Write at least five references not including your book or Wikipedia.

 Use Harvard system (author-date) system in writing the references.

 Citation.

 Use meaningful titles and if needed subtitles and in general logical report format.

 Correct grammar and spelling.

 Format used should be formal and consistent for a repot such as using consistent front sizes and

styles and justify alignment.

 Use (1350-1550) words not including references.

 State number of words at the end of the report.

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